10 Websites For When You Need Some Inspiration

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Whenever I’m not sure what to write or I’m feeling particularly unmotivated, I try to get my head back in the game by reading. Reading is not just for immersing yourself into a fictitious universe (that sometimes feels totally real) – it can also give you a push of encouragement and a sprinkling of inspiration.

Sometimes the answer lies in books (such as Ru Paul’s Work It, which is full of life wisdom by the way), but mostly I turn to my favourite online magazines and blogs to get my thinking back to where I want it to be.

Darling Magazine

Darling Magazine is my first pit-stop for re-charging my brain – there’s always an article or two that gets me thinking or gives me an idea for my blog (including this post). I particularly love how they categorise their posts – Dreamer, Confidant, Intellectual, etc. – and I plan to pitch to them in the near future (once I get my confidence up a bit).

A particular favourite post: Guess What? We’re All Jealous of Imaginary People

Verily Magazine

With a range of topics – beauty, fashion, culture and more – I tend to click upon the lifestyle tab to find inspirational reading. I love how Verily empowers women with their writing as much as possible, with lots of their articles being highly relatable to life.

A particular favourite post: 7 Things Women With Positive Body Image Don’t Do

A Branch of Holly

Holly is a blogging genius and her posts help me figure out what I need to do in order to grow my blog. I know my blog isn’t big but her little touches have certainly helped me gain a bigger following and keep the blog looking polished. Holly is also fantastic at writing about productivity and accomplishing your goals, even if those goals have nothing to do with blogging.

A particular favourite post: 9 Of The Best Things That Will Make Sure You Have The Most Productive Day Ever

The Yellow Co. Blog 

This is a beautiful website that was created to help women who wish to put their own stamp of goodness onto the world. There’s lots of career-focused inspiration that not only celebrates successes but also failures, because at least they tried.

A particular favourite post: How To Let Go Of Your Life Plan And Chose To Be Brave Instead

The Life Degree

Written by Ksenia, this blog is full of inspirational bits and bobs that encourage you to self love, grow as a person, and put some good back into the world. There’s also articles talking about the difficulties of knowing what you want to do with your life and how the little things matter too. Ksenia’s project “Not Such A Bad Day” is something well-worth getting involved with if you are a human (like me).

A particular favourite post: 5 Things I’m Doing Well Right Now


A personal blog by Peta, within her beautiful photography, recipes and lifestyle posts, she also writes awesome articles offering honest advice about being a human. There’s also a lovely series of posts called Positive Friday where she shares her favourite bits of the internet over the past week.

A particular favourite post: Breaks Are Necessary


Anissa Marie is a wonderful writer, mixing fiction, poetry and personal essays together to create Mindglitched. There’s a variety of topics on the blog, dating being one of them (which I think Anissa discusses in a mature yet funny way) – there’s something for every mood.

A particular favourite post: Sorry, Not Today

Bianca Bass

Bianca is a role model to me. Her writing is always brilliant and motivational, and the topics she writes about always make me feel better about life in terms of career and not really knowing what you’re doing. Bianca also does the occasional interview with amazing and creative entrepreneurs that’ll make you feel like you can accomplish super awesome things too.

A particular favourite post: Why It’s Time To Throw Away Your Five-Year Plan

The Belle Jar

Yes, I clicked on this blog because of my love for Sylvia Plath, but after reading one blog post I felt connected with this blog. There’s a lot of raw emotions on here, but if you suffer from down days/depression/anxiety, these blog posts will make you feel less alone. There’s a lot of honesty on here, and I think that should be applauded.

A particular favourite post: 14 Bleakly Funny Reasons Not To Kill Myself

Career Girl Daily

There’s so many career tips on this site that there’s no doubt that there will be something here to help with any career problem that you may be facing. I really like their empowering articles that are created only to inspire you and get you thinking about your future. Super useful stuff.

A particular favourite post: How To Improve Your Life By Asking Yourself One Simple Question

What are your favourite inspirational blogs (apart from this one obviously, wink)? What gets you inspired? Be sure to comment below!

P.S There’s many more on my list so look out for a part 2!

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  1. […] down how I spent four hours on a presentation for an exciting interview. I need to write down how my recent blog post about inspiring writers made those writers happy, which made me happy. I need to write that even though everything is up […]

  2. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing, I can’t wait to give them all a look!

    1. Hope you like them and find lots of inspiration from them 🙂

  3. Thanks for taking the time to write this up Lauren, I’ll be using it to get into a more regular habit of checking in with blogs rather than just relying on my Twitter feed… and of course thanks for including silly old me 😉

    Looking forward to part II already!

    Hope you’re having an excellent Thursday. Keep writing 🙂

    1. You’re very welcome! You deserve it 🙂
      You too!

  4. Lauren! Thank you so much for your kind words! I am a bit flabbergasted this has really made my day! I’m looking forward to checking out all the people and magazines on this list I haven’t heard of yet.
    lots of love <3 xx

    1. That’s so lovely! You’re so very welcome! x

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