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13 Things To Remember When You’re Having A ‘Down Day’

down day |daun dey| Noun
A day of emotional distress, in which activities mostly include thinking terrible thoughts about oneself or one’s life, either eating too much or not eating at all, and hiding under blankets. This mostly takes part in bed, as the bed acts as one’s personal island and hiding spot that isolates one from the world and any responsibilities that one cannot face.

 This type of day can happen on any day of the week, and is most common for those who suffer from depression and/or anxiety.
Best known cures are: being looked after by a loved one, watching your favourite movies, eating comfort food and drinking tea.

  1. You are worthy enough. You are worthy enough to live and live well. You are enough.
  2. These days are survivable, they will pass. This is not the end of living for you.
  3. You’re allowed to have these sorts of days. Everybody needs to self-care, especially when one is suffering from a mental illness. This is just you letting the illness take control of your day – which is nothing to be ashamed of, seeing as you have to fight it everyday to just do regular things, one day of defeat is nothing compared to how well you’ve been doing.
  4. You’re not alone – plenty of people have had this kind of day.
  5. Some people won’t understand, and that’s okay. Not everyone can empathize because not everyone has experienced similar things as you. If someone says the wrong thing, try not to take it to heart, especially if you know that they have good intentions.
  6. Kids movies are always a comfort, if that helps.
  7. You’re really not alone – there’s people you can talk to, if you feel up for it. The Samaritans helped me once, and they can help you. You can talk to me as well if you like, my email is open!
  8. Things will get better – maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next week, but soon. There’s no time limit for healing, you can’t rush it. Give yourself the time you need to feel better. It’s a steady process.
  9. Your head may feel like it’s in overload, which is normal. Write it down to get it out of your system, or if you’re brave enough, tell somebody about how you’re feeling.
  10. Please do eat something, even if it’s a bit random because your cupboards and fridge are a little empty. Once I ate some new potatoes in butter and garlic salt because that’s all I had.
  11. If you start to feel numb from the crying, that’s okay too. It seems a bit scary but it does go away. Just let it sit and you’ll soon start to feel better.
  12. These feelings you are having are not your fault.
  13. Because it’s important, I’ll say it again: You are worthy enough. You are worthy enough to live and live well. You are enough.


  1. Lynda

    Re: #6 – Totally agree! I recommend watching “My Girl” with Anna Chlumsky and Macaulay Culkin.

    I loved reading #8. It reminds me of a quote I came across (not sure who said it): “Healing is not linear.”

    I just discovered your lists and am loving them, Lauren!

    1. Lauren

      Hope it helped! It was something that I needed to write for myself when feeling bad about feeling bad!
      Thank you for the lovely comment 🙂

  2. Sparkyjen

    I appreciate your post, and I did read it every line. I’m just concerned that staying on the “island,” better known as the bed will inhibit a person from completing some of your suggestions. My question would be how to suggest this person get out of bed. The process has to start at the bed, one foot at a time. If they can “ground” themselves to the floor, I believe it would be much easier to complete the other suggested perks. There will have to be rewards every step of the way. And those rewards have to be readily accessible. Just some additional mentions!

    1. laugraeva

      Oh yes, I didn’t mean that staying in bed is the answer – I just meant that it’s okay to have those days and that people shouldn’t be ashamed to have to take that time to process their feelings. I know from having several of these types of days that it can make you feel worthless and embarrassed to do nothing all day – but that’s just part of depression I think. I will be posting more about how to deal with mental health issues 🙂 Just like my previous post “55 things to make you feel better”
      Thanks for commenting!

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