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15 Things I Love About Myself

My down days fill me up with negative thoughts about myself. I insult my body, my face, my (lack of) career, everything. I look down at myself and squash my self-esteem til it’s pretty much gone. It’s very hard to get out of that way of thinking once you are in it.

So, to potentially counter-act those sorts of days, and after being inspired by the wonderful Bianca Bass, I thought a list of things I love about myself would be of some use.

1. My creativity

I love writing, drawing, doodling, painting, crafting and baking. I really enjoy that creative flow you get when you are in the zone. That’s bliss.

2. My commentary on TV shows/films/video games

When I’m with people I’m comfortable with, I’ll make ridiculous commentary on whatever we are watching. It just makes terrible movies/cheesy TV/awful video game plot-lines so much more entertaining. At least it does for me anyway.

3. My ambition to do good things

I’m planning a fundraising project for a mental health charity, and hope that in the future, I can continue supporting charities in some way. I’d also love to help teenage girls with self esteem, but I haven’t quite figured out a plan for that yet.

4. How I dream about a life that is outside the rat race

Working to make a CEO money just doesn’t make sense to me. I can’t wait to make my own money and live out in the sticks somewhere beautiful.

5. How I love my friends and family

I like to think I treat others how I would like to be treated. I also try to take time out of my day/week/month to let my loved ones know that I am thinking of them.

6. When I get hyper

I love hyper me. I’m so fun.

7. How I don’t care if people are watching (when hyper)

I dance in supermarkets and sing in cafes. I play hide and seek in department stores. I do silly voices and make terrible jokes. It’s great fun.

8. How I dress in what makes me comfortable each day

If I feel like wearing my ghost onesie in the summer, then I’ll wear it. If I fancy looking fancy when I’m just hanging around the apartment, then I’ll do that too.

9. How many stories I have from my past

I said yes a lot when I was younger (sometimes to the wrong things/people, but there you go). I’ve got plenty of tales to tell regarding some of the fun, wild things I did.

10. My tattoos

I love how they look and how they tell a story (to me anyway). I am particularly in love with one of them. I also kinda like how if you were to look at me, you wouldn’t know I had any – like they’re a sexy secret.

11. My love to read

Reading is fun-da-mental.

12. How I’m good with kids

I’m really good with kids. So good I went and studied them (the course was actually called Early Years Playwork and Education). Once I made up a game with a little girl whilst I was working at a cafe. She asked to put some rubbish in the bin (bless her), and so when we walked over the the little pedal bin, I used the pedal to pretend the bin was a monster that needed feeding. Every week she asked to play “The Bin Game” with the “Bin Lady” (me). I love kids so love how I can play with them easily!

13. My humour

Sometimes I can be funny, or at least, I make myself laugh (see #2, #6 and #7).

14. My butt

See #13.

15. My choice in SO

Sorry, had to be a little bit cheesy and put that in.

What do you love about yourself? Let me know in the comments! Or publish a post like this yourself!

5 thoughts on “15 Things I Love About Myself

  1. We have #1 in common! I’m terrible with children though. Or rather, I’m terrible with babies. As soon as I touch them they cry; I’m like Maleficent. Once they can talk and walk around and draw I’m much much better company for them!

    1. Haha, I’m sure it’s just being around them a lot that’s made me good with kids. Plus I have Disney princess sized eyes (almost) so…

  2. I’m loving this post!! We need more posts about people loving themselves.

    As for me? I love that I’m childlike in a lot of ways. I try not to be childish, but I want to stay childlike. Basically, I like to keep the concept of “play” alive in my life.

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