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15 Things I Love About Myself

My down days fill me up with negative thoughts about myself. I insult my body, my face, my (lack of) career, everything. I look down at myself and squash my self-esteem til it’s pretty much gone. It’s very hard to get out of that way of thinking once you are in it.

So, to potentially counter-act those sorts of days, and after being inspired by the wonderful Bianca Bass, I thought a list of things I love about myself would be of some use.

1. My creativity

I love writing, drawing, doodling, painting, crafting and baking. I really enjoy that creative flow you get when you are in the zone. That’s bliss.

2. My commentary on TV shows/films/video games

When I’m with people I’m comfortable with, I’ll make ridiculous commentary on whatever we are watching. It just makes terrible movies/cheesy TV/awful video game plot-lines so much more entertaining. At least it does for me anyway.

3. My ambition to do good things

I’m planning a fundraising project for a mental health charity, and hope that in the future, I can continue supporting charities in some way. I’d also love to help teenage girls with self esteem, but I haven’t quite figured out a plan for that yet.

4. How I dream about a life that is outside the rat race

Working to make a CEO money just doesn’t make sense to me. I can’t wait to make my own money and live out in the sticks somewhere beautiful.

5. How I love my friends and family

I like to think I treat others how I would like to be treated. I also try to take time out of my day/week/month to let my loved ones know that I am thinking of them.

6. When I get hyper

I love hyper me. I’m so fun.

7. How I don’t care if people are watching (when hyper)

I dance in supermarkets and sing in cafes. I play hide and seek in department stores. I do silly voices and make terrible jokes. It’s great fun.

8. How I dress in what makes me comfortable each day

If I feel like wearing my ghost onesie in the summer, then I’ll wear it. If I fancy looking fancy when I’m just hanging around the apartment, then I’ll do that too.

9. How many stories I have from my past

I said yes a lot when I was younger (sometimes to the wrong things/people, but there you go). I’ve got plenty of tales to tell regarding some of the fun, wild things I did.

10. My tattoos

I love how they look and how they tell a story (to me anyway). I am particularly in love with one of them. I also kinda like how if you were to look at me, you wouldn’t know I had any – like they’re a sexy secret.

11. My love to read

Reading is fun-da-mental.

12. How I’m good with kids

I’m really good with kids. So good I went and studied them (the course was actually called Early Years Playwork and Education). Once I made up a game with a little girl whilst I was working at a cafe. She asked to put some rubbish in the bin (bless her), and so when we walked over the the little pedal bin, I used the pedal to pretend the bin was a monster that needed feeding. Every week she asked to play “The Bin Game” with the “Bin Lady” (me). I love kids so love how I can play with them easily!

13. My humour

Sometimes I can be funny, or at least, I make myself laugh (see #2, #6 and #7).

14. My butt

See #13.

15. My choice in SO

Sorry, had to be a little bit cheesy and put that in.

What do you love about yourself? Let me know in the comments! Or publish a post like this yourself!


  1. Quinn

    We have #1 in common! I’m terrible with children though. Or rather, I’m terrible with babies. As soon as I touch them they cry; I’m like Maleficent. Once they can talk and walk around and draw I’m much much better company for them!

  2. Emelie

    I’m loving this post!! We need more posts about people loving themselves.

    As for me? I love that I’m childlike in a lot of ways. I try not to be childish, but I want to stay childlike. Basically, I like to keep the concept of “play” alive in my life.

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