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21 Hard Truths About Being A New Mum

Because this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and I’m only 5 months in (almost).

  1. You’ll be scouring the internet at 3am looking for answers to why your baby won’t sleep.
  2. Sometimes you’ll be so tired and so frustrated that you won’t want to even look at your baby, let alone hold them.
  3. They’ll cry and you’ll cry.
  4. There will be phase after phase after phase. People around you will say “it’ll pass” but in the moment it will feel never-ending.
  5. You’ll have stress-eating days and days when you’ll hardly get the chance to eat at all.
  6. There will be moments when you ask yourself; was this a huge mistake?
  7. “Instagram mums” will appear to have their shit together with a beautiful, happy baby and you will wonder what you must be doing wrong.
  8. Talking to other mums will bring you both joy and dread. Each baby is different and develops at their own pace – but that won’t stop you from comparing your baby to other babies.
  9. You’ll get just as frustrated as your baby does when they are trying to learn something new. Progress can be painstakingly slow.
  10. Sometimes you’ll forget all the good bits you’ve had so far because you haven’t been able to hear yourself think.
  11. You’ll forget that all logic goes out the window when it comes to why babies do things.
  12. Once your routine is somewhat established, you’ll find it gets pretty boring pretty quickly. The same cycles over and over again can be mentally exhausting, especially if you are stuck inside.
  13. Some days you’ll dress your baby in whatever fits – even if it is a Christmas onesie and it’s the middle of March – because you simply don’t care what they (or you) look like that day.
  14. Friends will tell you that they can’t wait to have babies and you will LAUGH.
  15. Walking down the street and seeing child-less couples will turn your face green with envy and red with hate.
  16. Sweet old ladies will ask about your “little angel” and you’ll smile politely, telling them what you think they want to hear because nobody really talks about the bad stuff.
  17. You’ll discover a whole new appreciation for whoever raised you.
  18. Sleep-training articles will both excite and terrify you. Changes in routine evoke hope and fear – you want things to change and get better but you’re so scared that it’ll be terrible, so you wait a little while longer before you give it a try.
  19. You’ll feel like a bad parent for not enjoying every single moment, unable to recognise that enjoying every moment of something that is 24/7 is impossible.
  20. Each new milestone will make you wish for the next milestone to hurry up already, which again, will make you feel like a bad parent because you’re wishing the time away.
  21. However hard things do get, smiles and giggles from your baby always make things a little bit better.

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