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22nd May 2019

trigger warning: sexual assault, rape

An evening in the city

The sunlight still glistening

Pub gardens quickly filling

With my friend I was drinking.

He came over, very charming

Not a thing was alarming

Two shots that he bought

And I didn’t have a thought.

My friend briefly gone

And I was alone

Things began to go black

My memory is lack

But I was attacked

I know for a fact.

I came to in a panic

Looking for my friend, manic

In a strange place, frantic

And again, I was gone

I woke again, alone

No battery on my phone

The shock became known

The tears then flowed.

Memory flashes but confused

Why were my knees bruised?

My friend had disappeared

And I was drowning in tears

Three angels to my aid

And I was less afraid

They got me on the train

And I tried to explain

To the police and my mum

Even though I felt numb

The ordeal was not done.

I reported to the police the next morning, not intentionally – I was more worried about damage to my body/ sexually transmitted diseases, but when I asked for a health screening from suspected rape, I was told to phone the police. 

The case is still ongoing but it’s become a my-word-against-his, and there isn’t much evidence in my favour. I suspect the case will be dropped by the detectives any day now. The officers that took my case were really great, very supportive. As were the medical professionals that took DNA swabs.

I’m afraid that soon they will send me back the clothes I was wearing that day. I would like to set them on fire. Shame cos I only got to wear that dress once (I know that’s stupid to say but it’s true.)

If you have been affected by this blog post, or need some support, please check out the following services (UK) that are here for you:

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