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25 Things Learned In 25 Years

My birthday is coming up and I will be turning 25, so I’m expecting a quarter-century crisis any day now.

I’ve had a few very good birthdays (one surprise trip to Paris, one planned trip to Amsterdam, one spent in Florida, and one that included a wild weekend in London AND another wild weekend in Cambridge), but for the most part my birthday can make me feel pressured to have fun.

I usually get overwhelmed when my birthday is coming up – I used to think that not having a super amazing party or not having enough friends made a birthday pointless. Thankfully now I try not to focus on the quantity of my friends but rather the quality.

This year I’m not expecting much and don’t really need a lot – the only things I really need right now are things that I have to do for myself – and I’m quite content with that. The things I need are big life changing type things that I finally feel ready to accomplish – something that I would have run away from a few months ago.

It feels strange moving closer to the end of my 20’s, but I can say with some confidence that I am stronger now than I ever have been before. I’m more comfortable with myself than ever. And I’ve learned quite a few life lessons in the process:

  1. Give yourself some time to do whatever it is that you love. Even if all you can manage is 5 minutes – 5 minutes is better than nothing.
  2. Stop apologising for things that don’t need apologising for.
  3. Always be kind because you never know what that other person has been through/is going through. Besides, the world can always do with a little (or a lot) more kindness.
  4. Be grateful to others and appreciate them.
  5. Embraceย the lumps and bumps of your body.
  6. Let go of the haters/the people that cause more upset than happiness. They aren’t worth your time.
  7. Remember that sometimes you outgrow things, hobbies, even people – and that’s perfectly normal (even though it can be hard).
  8. Support friends and family by going the extra mile however you can.
  9. Healing and recovery takes time and patience (which is perfectly okay).
  10. People are often afraid/angry about things that they don’t understand. Don’t let their insecurities/ill-placed anger affect you.
  11. Don’t judge somebody because of something that makes them happy (for the most part anyway – I’m not supporting serial killers or anything).
  12. Reach out for help when you need it – there’s always going to be somebody out there who wants to listen.
  13. You can change your life at any time. Seriously.
  14. Stay weird. Be your true self right now.
  15. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do something or that you don’t deserve something. Especially if that person is you. Believe in yourself.
  16. Creative hobbies are the outlet for your soul.
  17. Giving a helping hand will always make you feel good.
  18. You don’t have to be an adventurer to broaden your mind – just pick up a book.
  19. Not everyone you meet will like you and visa versa. That’s just life.
  20. Always have a notebook on hand.
  21. Remember what you used to wish for and what you have right now. You’ll be surprised what you have already managed to accomplish.
  22. Having the last word isn’t important.
  23. Pushing people away when you’re upset won’t make you feel any better.
  24. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.
  25. However hopeless a situation feels, things will change.


  1. Liz C.

    This was a great list… so full of wisdom. And it sounds like you’ve had plenty of cool birthday celebrations.. Although just chilling out with loved ones or family at home would be okay too.. Advanced happy birthday!

  2. Rebekah

    I freaking love this! I made a list like this that I’m posting later in the month for my birthday! It’s crazy how everyone can independently learn the same things as another person having totally different experiences! Happy birthday!
    I don’t think you have to wait until you’re 25 for a quarter life crisis. Or maybe that’s what I keep telling myself.

    1. Lauren

      Aw nice – happy birthday for later in the month! That’s such a good point, I’ve never even thought about it like that! Haha, maybe I’ve already had it…

  3. Darian Westphal

    If you don’t ask, you don’t get.
    If you don’t get after asking, ask someone else or get it yourself.
    Just make sure you’re not stealing at the time. I make that mistake. Haha!
    What a fun list! Thanks for sharing that.

  4. Bex

    I will be turning 25 in a couple of months too, and wanted to comment on how accurate your list is! ๐Ÿ™‚ And if I may add one extra: It’s okay to be selfish at times; meaning, you don’t need to tear yourself down to build someone else up.

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