26 Prompts For A Blogging Writer’s Block

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I must admit that I have hit a writer’s block recently – can you tell? All I have been able to write about recently is my favourite quotes from the book “Looking For Alaska”, which is part of a new series of blog posts I’ll be doing.

So, what does one do when facing a writer’s block? Do we cower away behind our sofas scared of our notebooks? Do we scream in terror when finding a pen in the bottom of our bags? Do we wince at the thought of looking at our blog stats? Yes we do.

But what we can do to get out of this dirty little rut is force the writing. It may be terrible writing, but it’s writing. The practice of actually doing the thing will help to lift the curse of writer’s block. Of course, you probably won’t hit the full flow of writing straight off – getting into a creative flow is a dreamlike state, I love it – but you’ll be making progress nonetheless.

Needless to say I have a few prompts to help with such writer’s block, that I promise I will do too (classic cliché of not taking one’s own advice). Write them in your journal, on a napkin, on your wall – whatever you like. Don’t feel obligated to post it if you don’t want to; though I would be interested in reading it, as I am sure your readers would too.

So, here are 26 prompts for a blogging writer’s block:

  1. What struggles have you been facing recently, and what would you say to somebody who is going through the same thing?
  2. If your life was a letter, what would it say, and who would you address it to?
  3. Read an old journal entry or blog post – what is your reaction to it?
  4. What is one of your bad habits and why do you think you do it?
  5. What is your mission statement? Why do you write?
  6. What refreshes your soul?
  7. What do you wish you could say to somebody who is no longer in your life?
  8. How do you measure your personal successes?
  9. What things make you feel better about yourself?
  10. What new beliefs about yourself or your writing do you need?
  11. What fictional character would you most want to be?
  12. Who is your best support system? Describe how thankful you are to have them?
  13. What do you think is not that important in life, yet you see it as a major thing that people strive for in their lives?
  14. What would you tell your 11 year old self?
  15. When you picture your future, what do you see?
  16. What is that thing you have always wanted to do but never done? And why haven’t you done it yet?
  17. Which cartoon character was your hero as a kid/adult?
  18. How has writing benefited you in the past?
  19. What rituals do you have that you want to change?
  20. Which personality traits do you think you have kept since you were a child? How have you changed?
  21. How have your priorities changed within the last few years?
  22. What’s your hidden talent?
  23. If you write anonymously, why do you do so?
  24. What emotion motivates you most?
  25. Write a letter to tomorrow – what do you hope to happen? How do you hope to feel?
  26. What are the key things in life that you have learned so far, and who or what taught you?

If any of you fabulous creatures write and publish any of these prompts, make sure to tag me or let me know – I’d love to read them.

34 Replies to “26 Prompts For A Blogging Writer’s Block”

  1. Thank you for these helpful tips.
    I’ve been having Writer’s Block for a while now,so I’d definitely keep this in mind
    Btw, I don’t think I have ever seen a blog so neatly put together and clutter free
    Great job! Love it 💜

    1. Thank you so much! I used one of these prompts recently actually and it helped me start writing again 🙂 Let me know if you do use one because I would love to read it!
      Thanks again for the lovely comment!

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  3. Wonderful ideas my love! I love posts like this for a bit of extra inspiration 🙂

    Katie // wordsbykatie.com

    1. Glad you liked them! If you ever use one do let me know – would love to read it! 🙂

  4. These are brilliant prompts! I can’t wait to use them in future posts. Which would be your favourite to write?

    1. Probably #1 ! Always feel better after discussing my problems/things I’m going through 🙂

  5. This post was so lovely! I’ve screenshoted some of your ideas for future posts! Really want to do the one about what you picture your future being!

    1. Thank you! Glad that you found some prompts that you want to do 🙂 You’ll have to ping me the link when you have written one!

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  9. Looooove! Will definitely be doing some of these 🙂

    1. Thank you! I will too!

  10. I love writing prompts. They really help me get out of the ruts. I am often amazed by the memories just seeing a word or picture can dredge up!

    1. That’s true! I hope these help get me out of a rut!

  11. Will definetly do this later, I’m sure I have answers to all of these haha. Thanks for posting

    1. Most welcome, I hope they help (both you and I).

      1. I’m sure they shall, however I’m not suffering block more of an amazonian size river of various commitments haha

        1. Lots of writing things or other things?

          1. Bit of both, haven’t got the time to focus on my big project and too much stuff to not post anything haha.

            Life gets in the way a lot as well so I can’t focus properly xx

          2. What’s your big project?
            I get that a lot – other projects distract me from writing my own stuff!

          3. It’s a novel, well I’ve got two on the go atm, but I’ve just started a full time job and that’s taking my time, plus commitments at home… just all adds up haha

          4. That’s pretty impressive! Hope you find some more time for the novels 🙂

          5. Me too, been about 2 years on the one. It’s finished but needs editing haha

          6. That’s exciting! What genre?

          7. Both about vampires (strangely) but one is set prehistoric and more of an origin thing whereas the other is kinda castle age revolution. With vampires haha

          8. That’s awesome! Are they linked?

          9. Not yet, I have a couple of parts on here and a book I brought out on Amazon on here for free if your interested

          10. Wicked! I’ll be sure to give it a read 🙂

          11. Thanks, I hope you like it, though I’m unsure if that’s from the old one or the edited one haha… I should really organise my work…

  12. Very nice prompts these are. I’m noting these down.

    1. Thanks! Hope they come in handy.

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