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26 Things I Learnt Throughout My Pregnancy

My pregnancy was nothing like I would have imagined.

I moved twice. I was lucky enough to have financial help at every point. My mental heath was really fucking bad at some points. I had a daughter (I always thought I would be more prone to having boys). It was more of an alien experience than I could have ever dreamed it to be.

Throughout the pregnancy I went through a lot and learnt a lot. Here’s just a smidgen of the things I now know about pregnancy.

  1. Morning sickness is more nausea than actual vomiting (at least it was for me).
  2. The first scan is unbelievable. You get to have definite proof that you have a human being growing in there.
  3. You never really come to terms with the fact that your body is MAKING ANOTHER HUMAN.
  4. Not only are you MAKING ANOTHER HUMAN but you are also MAKING ANOTHER ORGAN (the placenta).
  5. Afternoon naps are vital. Have them when you can.
  6. Maternity clothes suck.
  7. The first kicks are pretty amazing.
  8. The kicks never stop being amazing (but they can get irritating when you’re trying to sleep).
  9. Near the end, you can feel the feet and/or hands pushing against your skin, like hard little rocks.
  10. Only sleeping on your left side is really frustrating.
  11. Your feet do swell up. And your hands. Though it’s only because of all the extra blood pumping around your body (up to 50% more than regular folk).
  12. Giving birth seems like a long way off, until the weeks start to fly by and you’re suddenly almost at your due date.
  13. You wish for more time to get everything ready (including yourself, mentally and emotionally).
  14. It’s a miracle.
  15. It’s a gross miracle.
  16. The due date is locked in your mind (though only 5% give birth on their due date).
  17. Babies need so much stuff.
  18. You become incredibly protective over your bump.
  19. Considering and then booking a C-Section out of fear and anxiety can make you feel like a bad mum (even though 25% of births occur via C-Section in the UK, and it’s a completely legitimate choice).
  20. There are pros and cons to all birthing options, and it’s a really difficult decision to make.
  21. You wish to just get that baby out of you because 40 weeks feels like forever towards the end.
  22. Hypno-birthing is so calming, I wish I had listened to it much earlier.
  23. Walking like a normal person (instead of waddling) seems like a luxury.
  24. Your body is heavy. I mean really heavy. Heavy like you want to carry your bump with your hands as you walk down the street, just for some extra support.
  25. You think about what you’ll actually do when you walk through your front door with your baby for the first time, and freak out because you have absolutely no idea.
  26. Everyone’s pregnancy is different.


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