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30 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

(I am not one of those people, yet, but I’m pretty sure these are some good guesses).

  1. Compare their lives to others
  2. Be annoyed/upset/angry about other people’s success
  3. Have a pity party
  4. Let anxiety get the better of them
  5. Feel suicidal
  6. Expect good things to fall into their laps
  7. Believe that nothing good would ever happen to them
  8. Wish they had never been born
  9. Live with regrets
  10. Blame themselves for every single little problem
  11. Wish they could trade lives with somebody else
  12. Say ‘sorry’ when it is unnecessary
  13. Wait for the universe to create opportunities for them
  14. Let their self doubts destroy their ideas
  15. Say that they are “fine”
  16. Stop chasing after what they want
  17. See their own successes as luck rather than talent/hard work
  18. Only focus on their faults
  19. Isolate themselves
  20. Push people away
  21. Ask ‘why do only bad things happen to me?’
  22. Use something to numb their emotions
  23. Do something that they know is going to make them unhappy, but do it anyway out of obligation
  24. Say ‘yes’ to everything (sometimes you need to say ‘no’)
  25. Care what everybody else might think about them
  26. Do what everybody else is doing
  27. Obsess over the failures
  28. Let one bad thing ruin their day
  29. Keep their feelings bottled up
  30. Believe that they are unworthy.


  1. Lauren

    Sometimes it takes a long time to move on, and it’s not all ‘bitching about it’ – especially if it affects your mindset every single day. But yes – mentally strong people are probably more able to move on, at least at a quicker rate.

  2. Quinn

    I am sending you all the love and a huge hug. I definitely do a lot of these things and I don’t think there’s a human on the planet that can say they don’t do ANY of these things!

  3. Angela

    Honestly, I think EVERYONE does/thinks most of, if not all of the things on this list at some point. I know I have. We’re all human, we can’t escape our thoughts, just some people are better at taking control of them but that doesn’t mean they are strong and others are weak it’s just the same as some people can control their physical health (to an extent) and others cannot xo

    1. Lauren

      That’s a good point! I guess some people are more honest about these feelings and thoughts too. I was inspired to write this because of a TED talk I watched about being mentally strong.

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