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31 Things That Make Your Day Valid Even When You Feel Like It Was A Waste

  1. ate breakfast
  2. showered and dressed
  3. brushed your teeth
  4. brushed your hair
  5. texted/ spoken to someone via phone or email or DM
  6. watched something you like on Netflix/ Amazon Prime/ Youtube/ Now TV
  7. read an article/ magazine/ book
  8. ate lunch
  9. gone for a walk
  10. exercised/ moved your body
  11. been outside
  12. gone to the shop
  13. opened your mail/ email
  14. wrote in your journal
  15. played a fun videogame
  16. listened to music/ a podcast/ the radio
  17. cooked anything
  18. ate dinner
  19. ate snacks
  20. ate something
  21. cuddled a pet
  22. cuddled your SO
  23. cuddled a family member
  24. called your mum/ dad/ grandma/ grandpa/ sister/ brother/ cousin/ newphew/ niece/ auntie/ uncle/ anybody that feels like family to you
  25. laughed, even if it was just once
  26. smiled, even if it was just once
  27. drank a cup of tea
  28. drank a cup of coffee
  29. drank one or more glasses of water
  30. took a deep breath
  31. stayed alive.

Productivity does not define your worth. You are worthy of living your life. Things will not always be this way. You are worthy of help. Your thoughts do not define you. Your illness does not define you.

Each day you are alive is worth it.

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