36 Confessions At 36 Weeks Pregnant

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Things are very, very busy at the moment, and it has been very overwhelming and stressful. However stressed I have become, I am proud to say that I have struggled through it and not let it keep me down or keep me in bed. That said, writing has very much taken a back seat. It’s sitting so far away I can barely see it.

So, I thought that posting another ‘listicle’ blog post would not only get me writing again (somewhat) but also take some of the pressure off.

  1. I forget how big my stomach actually is and am always reminded when exiting a toilet cubicle.
  2. I always need a wee.
  3. Thrush is the most irritating and relentless side effect of pregnancy, especially in the third trimester.
  4. I miss being able to sit on the floor and create.
  5. I haven’t worn a pair of jeans in about 4 months.
  6. My wardrobe consists of leggings, my younger brother’s t-shirts and jumpers, pencil skirts (that sit under my boobs) and more leggings.
  7. I can’t wait to wear ‘normal’ things again.
  8. My feet swelled up so much that I wore my mum’s size 7 (I’m a size 5) flip-flops when going for a walk.
  9. Every time I see a baby I nudge my SO and say; “We’re gonna have one of them.”
  10. I am super grateful to be having a girl when I see toddler-aged boys running around.
  11. I still haven’t got everything ready for her arrival.
  12. Her kicks are a mixture of the following; reassuring, comforting, annoying (when I’m trying to sleep), creepy and kinda lovely.
  13. I haven’t sung to her yet.
  14. I somewhat believe that we have a telepathic connection whilst she is still in my belly.
  15. I have had a few sips of red wine in the last few weeks.
  16. I stick my bump out even more if I am waiting to cross the street/get a seat on a bus.
  17. My boobs definitely need to be re-measured.
  18. Some days I can’t wait to no longer be pregnant, mostly for selfish reasons.
  19. I have woken up in the night absolutely terrified of her arrival.
  20. I like to tell myself that she’s going to be a ‘chill’ baby.
  21. I’m amazed that my recent high-stress and high-anxiety levels seem to have no affect on her whatsoever.
  22. I really miss going running.
  23. Some days my heart is completely full of love for her.
  24. I really hope she has dark hair.
  25. I sometimes look at other mothers with more than one baby and think; “Why would you want to be pregnant more than once?!”
  26. I’m scared to be seen as a ‘bad mother’ for wanting a C-Section.
  27. My knees, hips and back ache a lot after just walking.
  28. I probably haven’t done as many kegel exercises as I should have.
  29. I’m a little nervous about my post-birth body.
  30. I am looking forward to sleeping on my front and back again.
  31. I worry when I haven’t felt her kick in a wee while.
  32. The shape of my belly changes depending on the time of day and position I am in.
  33. I’ve realised that my belly button is not in the middle of my stomach.
  34. Resting can be boring but very necessary.
  35. I have been sleeping with her cuddly toy elephant for 6 months now and can’t imagine not having it in my bed.
  36. Did I mention I was terrified?


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