5 Videos That Will Change How You Think

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I’ve only just recently started to subscribe to awesome channels on Youtube. Yes, I know I’m about a decade late to get into Youtube, but there you go.

Mostly I watch TED talks, ASMR videos (Whispers Red is my absolute favourite) or philosophical talks to teach me something and get me inspired. With that in mind, I wanted to share with you lovely people the top 5 videos that have got me thinking about life, my mind, my body and the world. 

  1. How to Hack Your Biology And Be In the Zone Every Single Day

I kept having to pause this one to tell my SO each fascinating fact. Dr Alan Watkins talks in detail about how the body reacts to stressful situations where we feel pressured to do something, and do it well, and how we can try to control that in order to do our very best. He has spoken at TED talks and is the CEO of Complete Coherence, which has developed an app called the Universe of Emotions in which you can track your emotions in a beautiful galaxy of emotion planets.

This video is a long one (45 minutes) but it’s well worth watching.

2. How To Find Fulfilling Work

The School of Life uses awesome animation (all videos seem to be differently animated, which I like) and creates short bursts of philosophical brilliance. This video particularly offers excellent, researched advice about how to find a career that suits you when there are half a million different options available, which is something that I continue to discuss and think about quite regularly. The School of Life offers a wide range of fantastic, 5-ish minute videos that’ll get you thinking, whether the subject is love, work or mental health.

3. Why Do We Get So Fucked Up?

I’m guilty of binging on The Sims 3 and Netflix shows, even though I know this binging has reprocussions; they eat up a lot of my time, they give me that screen-headache after a while, they stop me from socialising like a regular person; and yet, they still make me happy. Could I do them in moderation? Probably. Do I ever? Not really. This video by Wisecrack discusses this very problem – why do we go overboard with the stuff we know is bad for us yet makes us temporarily happy?

If you haven’t heard of Wisecrack before, they create humorous and informative videos on a range of topics, though my personal preference is their 8-bit Philosophy.

4. Why I Think This World Should End

WARNING: This video will make you want to put your laptop away, turn off your phone, and hug somebody on the street. Please try to make it all the way through this post first.

With over 6 million views, this video by Prince Ea makes such a powerful statement in just over 4 minutes, you’re going to want to watch it a few times. He discusses in a poetic format how the modern world provides us with everything we want at the same time of taking away everything we need. We may have the ability to talk to strangers on the internet but do we ever speak to strangers face to face? We retweet a post asking for help but do we ever stop in the street to help someone who needs it? So much to think about after such a short video, I urge you to watch it!

5. A Simple Mind Trick Will Help You Think More Rationally

Advice is everywhere. It’s in motivational posters, songs, quotes on social media – you can’t really get away from it. We tend to pick the advice that we like the sound of over the advice that is better suited to our current situation. This video by Big Think discusses how we give other people better advice than the advice we give ourselves, which is a somewhat similar concept of how we are kinder to other people than we are to ourselves.

Have you folks seen any inspirational videos that I have missed? What’s your favourite video of the above 5?


2 Replies to “5 Videos That Will Change How You Think”

  1. Thanks for sharing Lauren. I like Ted talks too 🙂
    Why I think this world should end, is true on many levels. Humanity has lost it’s way and largely because our ‘leaders’ actually puppets, with controllers behind the scene have been systematically destroying lives and our way of life for a long time. They have an agenda, too long to go into here, but it’s all playing out as foretold. Researchers have been speaking about it for a while and after examining all the evidence I’m convinced it’s true. These behind the scenes evil bastards won’t win because good hearted human beings outnumber them. Unfortunately they are in the positions of power, but it will turn around. I know this may sound unlikely but after years of research it all points to this. They’ve been controlling almost everything. The banks, the governments, the food laws (especially in the US), the medical system (the drug cartel are running the show, again especially in the US), the energy system and weather (weather modification systems have been in place for decades), the education system, the media (the entire world’s media is controlled by six individuals). Too much to go into here, but for anyone interested to research, look up Karen Hudes, World bank lawyer, G. Edward Griffin, Author and historian, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Financial Advisor to the Reagan administration, Mike Maloney, Monetary Historian, David Icke, Author and Researcher, Dane Wigington, Geo-engineering researcher. Don’t despair. I know it all sounds like a done deal and no wonder people are suffering these days. We are assaulted on all levels, but it will turn around. People are waking up all over the world to what’s really been going on and as I say, there are enough of us. We don’t even need everyone to wake up, just enough to form a critical mass. A critical mass of awake individuals will change everything. xx

    1. Wow, I didn’t know most of that stuff! Will have to do some research and some reading. I loved that particular video, even the way he says it is just so powerful and well-written, it’s amazing.
      Glad you liked the post – hopefully some of these videos inspire people 🙂 x

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