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55 Ways To Feel Better

  1. Read, read, read. Fantasy worlds trump reality.
  2. Watch your favourite kid’s film.
  3. Watch your favourite sit-com. I suggest The Office (US), Brooklyn Nine Nine, or Friends.
  4. Write a diary entry.
  5. Write a blog post about how you feel.
  6. Doodle.
  7. Listen to uplifting pop music. Obvious artists to start with are: Britney, Gaga and Justin Timberlake.
  8. Bake something.
  9. Or don’t bake it, just eat the mix (it’s delicious).
  10. Go for a walk.
  11. Go for a run.
  12. Go to a museum.
  13. Go to a gallery.
  14. Phone your mum or dad, or sister or brother – whichever family member you feel close to.
  15. Phone your best mate (or text, it is 2016 afterall).
  16. Text your SO.
  17. Have sex, it’s great for stress release and gives you sexy endorphins.
  18. Masturbate (also good for stress).
  19. Have a bubble bath.
  20. Light a candle.
  21. Do some body pampering – facial, pedi, mani, whatever you like.
  22. Clean something.
  23. Have a clear out – it’s surprisingly therapeutic.
  24. By a potted plant and name it Bob.
  25. Buy seeds to create your very own herb garden.
  26. Buy a bouquet of flowers.
  27. Buy something small and decorative.
  28. Buy that thing you’ve always been tempted to buy but never have.
  29. Relax with your favourite beverage in a coffee shop.
  30. Go to a coffee shop you’ve never been to before.
  31. Go to the cinema.
  32. Go to a pet store and make friends with the guinea pigs and rabbits.
  33. Go for a train ride and gaze out the window.
  34. Have a nap.
  35. Eat an apple.
  36. Eat some ice-cream.
  37. Cook a fancy meal for yourself.
  38.  Listen to a podcast.
  39. Watch a TED talk video.
  40. Watch a cute puppy Youtube video.
  41. Watch a laughing baby Youtube video.
  42. Watch an ASMR video. They’re amazingly relaxing.
  43. Meditate using a free app.
  44. Practice yoga with a beginner video on Youtube.
  45. Dance around your apartment to your favourite song, as if you are filming your own music video.
  46. Play a video game. I recommend Sims.
  47. Get out your Christmas decorations and get out some fairy lights.
  48. Look at some old photos.
  49. Go down memory lane with any old trinkets you may have.
  50. Solve a puzzle.
  51. Write a letter (you don’t have to post it).
  52. Drink a cup of tea.
  53. Or make hot chocolate.
  54. Make something more colourful – your apartment, your notebook, your face, whatever you fancy.
  55. Read this blog.


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