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6 Blog Posts I’m Particularly Proud Of

Over the last 99 posts (yes this is the big #100) I have shared my very lowest moments, my experiences in life, and my thoughts and ideas. There’s been some posts I’ve been particularly proud of and so I wanted to share them with you, as a special way to commemorate This Stuff Is Golden’s 100th blog post!

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  1. Why We Should Never Apologise For Our Sexual Past

When I had finished writing and editing this post, I was actually quite nervous to post it. Writing about sex when you’re a woman can lead to a lot of hate, so I was worried that a lot of negativity was going to come my way. Thankfully it didn’t, and it actually got published on one of my favourite blogging websites, Thought Catalog.
This post was one of the first really honest and personal pieces I had written, and I would want my future daughters to read it and not feel ashamed about their sexuality just because they are women.

Best bit:As sexual beings, we are walking and talking bags of chemicals, muscle, blood, skin and bone. Those chemicals are the magic that make us feel everything, and sometimes those chemicals just want us to get our freak on.”

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2. Make Something

Creative hobbies have always been a regular thing in my life, ever since I was a little kid drawing at the breakfast bar in the kitchen. I used to spend hours on my bedroom floor trying to make cool things on Pinterest or learning how to stitch or creating pretty pages in my scrapbook. Expressing myself creatively has helped me relieve stress, anger and upset, which is why I had to write this post.

Best bit:Whatever the world decides to throw at you, make something out of it. Make art.”

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3. Why I Need To Change My Relationship With My Body

I think a lot of my past mistakes (trying hard not to say the word ‘regrets’ at the moment) originate from my issues with my appearance. I put a lot of my self worth into my appearance, which is obviously a dangerous game to play when BDD can creep back into my life. Just from bleaching my hair and not liking it, an anxiety episode was triggered that lasted almost a week. I didn’t feel worthy seeing anybody. Which is why this post is so important as it reminds me to accept myself for who I am and what I look like.

Best bit:I’ve come to realise that my anxieties over the way I look sometimes stop me from doing normal things, like seeing other human beings, and that’s gotta stop.”

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4. It’s Okay To Not Do Anything When You’re Healing

When I was signed off with depression I spent a lot of time doing nothing. My daily routine was completely scrapped and turned into spending as much time as possible in bed with the cat (if she felt like keeping me company). I had quietly told my housemates what was going on with me so that they didn’t ask too many questions, like what was I doing at home all the time and why I barely left my room. I wrote this post when I started feeling better (though still not doing too much with my days) to remind myself that when I needed to do nothing or to hide away, that it was perfectly okay to do so. Most dreams aren’t achieved in one day, so it’s okay to let yourself rest and heal when you’re not feeling up to ticking things off a to-do list.

Best bit:Things take time, just like humans. We take time to grow, mature and heal.”

5. Revenge Porn and Me

I remember writing the initial notes for this post. I was sitting on the sofa after a particularly hard few days. I picked up a pen and wrote down every emotion that I had felt since finding out about the Revenge Porn 6 months previous. It was a full double page spread of emotions – it felt good to get it written down. I decided to then write a post, no particular intention to actually publish it, but I was proud of what I had written, and thought that the story needed to be told. Writing that post provided a lot of opportunities for me to speak out further, got me in contact with a lot of other people who had unfortunately been through similar things, and gave me a sense of release. It was the medium in which I could tell people how I really felt.

Best bit:So I decided to tell whoever wants to read about how ‘Revenge Porn’ actually feels like, and what it does to people.”

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6. Why Your Writing Does Matter

At several points during my blogging life (over 4 years) I have felt like giving up. There’s so many bloggers and writers out there, what’s the point of my blog? What difference can I make? Why bother when I get 10 views a day? But then I remember that nobody else is going to write the exact same stuff in the exact same way as me, so my blog does matter. Blogging is also the way that I express myself and my thoughts about life – without it I would be simply scribbling in a notebook, which is perfectly fine, but I quite like getting comments every now and again from somebody saying that they too have felt the same way that I have. That’s priceless and makes it well worth it.

Best bit:Writing lets me be myself, lets me rant, lets me explain, and lets me create something.”

Have you lovely folk got a favourite blog post of mine that I’ve missed off of this list? Let me know below!


  1. Matthew Williams

    I’m going to have to steal this idea for my 1 year blog anniversary in December 😊

    I really agree with the last point. Often before I publish I wonder if what I’ve written is a load of nonsense and it is a great feeling to get feedback from people that relate and who feel they have gained something from reading. Such a privilege!

    1. Lauren

      Feel free to steal it!
      It’s the best kind of feeling! I love having conversations on the blog or feedback on Twitter 🙂

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