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9 Reasons Why I’ll Never Be A ‘Pro-Blogger’

Pro-blogger |proh-blog-er| Noun
A person who can work on their blog as their main profession. Their blog is likely to have thousands of subscribers, a decent monthly income, a particular niche and a large online fan base through social media.

Obviously I would LOVE to work on my blog full time and generate some sort of income from it – what blogger doesn’t one day dream of that? However I know, deep down in my little violet heart, that I will never have that title. Not from lack of talent (I’m a decent writer, right?) but because of a variety of things that are ‘advised’ for those who wish to be pro-bloggers to do.

I’ve read a couple of articles (a lot of articles) that advise newbie bloggers/bloggers in general about how to make some cash dollar from their blog, and though I am sure their advice would totally work for most bloggers, I am certain it won’t work for me.

So what is it exactly that means I won’t be a pro-blogger? Well:

  1. I do not have paid advertisements on my blog (and don’t plan to have them)
  2. I do not offer a “free course”
  3. I do not sell anything on my blog (and don’t plan to, unless for a charitable cause perhaps)
  4. I do not promote anything apart from my own writing services and my top blog reads of each week
  5. I do not have a media kit
  6. I do not write product reviews on my blog
  7. I do not treat my blog like a business
  8. I do not have blogging goals
  9. I’m not interested in ROI (return on investment) for this blog.

This is in no shape or form a diss at anybody who is a pro-blogger or does the things mentioned above. I’m simply saying that I’m not interested in those things because they do not fit my blog.

This blog has always been about writing to inspire, advise and express, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Maybe one day it’ll be a lot bigger, maybe it’ll be an online magazine of some sort – but that’s a big maybe. I’m happy to plod along with it, writing stuff that I think is important and should be shared (hence the name).

As you may know, I’m all about writing from the heart, writing about experiences, and basically sharing personal things about ourselves through our writing.

I believe in writing for yourself rather than writing for an audience. I started writing because I wanted a place where I could express myself. I started blogging because I wanted to share that self-expression. I genuinely believe that the best writers are the ones who are writing content that they love, that they would read, rather than trying to create something that their soul just doesn’t care about.

So I implore you to at least take a break from chasing that pro-blogger dream if it means writing content you don’t care about. Write something for yourself. Write what you need to say. Write because writing is magic.


  1. Matthew Williams

    Couldn’t agree more, for me it’s all about expressing myself; I’d love it if writing could be a full-time profession but don’t expect it and I wouldn’t change the way I write / blog to chase it.

  2. Jess

    You are a great writer. That’s something you’ve just got.
    I have been round the houses with earning money from words, both fiction and nonfiction. I still earn money from it when I’m well enough.
    I think having a space that’s yours, that’s not monetised, is very healthy. I suppose some people get carried away with their growing social media presence and their site, and excitement is good… but don’t lose sight of why you started.

    1. Lauren

      Thank you Jess!
      And yes, I’m sure the pressures of a growing audience make some bloggers feel like they have to change some of their content/only post the stuff that made them popular. I do hope though that bloggers continue to create the stuff that they would want to read, because normally that kind of content is the best kind!

    1. Lauren

      Exactly – there’s just so much focus on ‘making money from blogging’ nowadays, I think there should be more counter-arguments about just writing for the love of it.

  3. Quinn

    I’m surprised by the idea of people who take up blogging with the aim to become “pro-bloggers” – do people actually do that? I mean, realistically becoming a pro-blogger probably has the same chance of happening as winning the lottery, so I just think that if that’s your aim…. How are you getting any joy out of your blog? Just write what you want to write and enjoy yourself or at least be content to get something out of it that isn’t cash-related. I think otherwise you’re blogging for the wrong reasons.

    But maybe that’s very judgmental of me? That’s just my opinion and I admit I haven’t an entrepreneurial bone in my entire body, so….

    1. Lauren

      That’s not judgemental at all in my opinion! I totally agree – I think anything creative has to be a passion first, then a ‘side hustle’ (if you get to that point).

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