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A Gathering of Gratitude

These are the gratitude lists that I have written down in my current planner. I’ve recently gotten back into writing these lists (lists of 3 each day) as homework from my counsellor. It’s no immediate cure for mental illness but it’s something small and positive to do, which can only be a good thing.


  1. saved a bee (helped him escape my bedroom)
  2. dancing with Violet
  3. ate carrot cake (and begrudgingly shared it with Violet)


  1. painting mindlessly
  2. hot cup of coffee
  3. reading without distraction


  1. received flowers from Cara
  2. meeting new people in the park
  3. looking through new printed photos of Violet


  1. watched ‘Patch Adams’ on Netflix
  2. having the morning off
  3. making art


  1. incense sticks
  2. taking Violet to the large town park (that we haven’t gone to since March)
  3. ASMR videos/ audio

a little something on ‘patch adams’

It’s not a perfect film (it’s from 1998, Robin Williams’ love interest is played by an actress 20 years younger than him, etc.) but it has Robin’s wit and humour, it made me weep, and it was an overall feel-good movie.

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