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Do The Writing You Want To Do, And Do It Today.

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There’s plenty I could be writing about, especially those easy looking blog posts that are 84% infographic that go a little something like this; “Three surprising tips on how to escape from a pig sty after a wild night out” – but there’s a million of those on the worldwide web. I will write what I …

Creativity: The Ultimate Rule-Breaker

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I have developed into a sort-of adult; in which I could really be described more as a post-embryo rather than proper grown-up; and in recent times have found that I am lacking any sort of filter when it comes to the connections between my brain and my mouth. I am not in the slightest saying …

The Best Advice I’ve Ever Been Given

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For those who have ever felt like the odd one out, or those who don’t do the things that everybody else is doing, this one is for you. Comparing yourself to others around you can be a dangerous thing. Those beautiful people on Instagram or popular people on Facebook look like they are the living …

Sticking With Your Gut, Not Your Job

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The logic behind a person being regarded as a better worker because they have worked in the same establishment for a number of years baffles me. Yes, it shows loyalty to that company. Yes it shows commitment to that line of work. However, what if that person is a miserable sod for the entirety of …

People Are Just That, People

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 Follow my blog with Bloglovin Some people have different job titles than other people. Some people have more money than other people. And guess what, some people have better moustaches than other people. But they’re still just people.

How To Figure It All Out

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The ‘dream job’ is a big deal nowadays. There are plenty of TED talks about it, life coaches who like to talk about it, and not to mention the amount of pins on Pinterest saying something inspiring about it.