I Am Angry With You

We started out innocently. We’d been introduced to each other through a mutual friend; a trusted friend; and hit it off pretty well. Both of us were sarcastic and sassy, which was reflected in many of our conversations together. It wasn’t crazy hot chemistry, but we got on well.  One evening in November 2014 we […]

You’re Not A Quitter

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You picked out something new to learn but you didn’t get into it as much as you thought you would. The app on your phone remains unused and the books neglected. You started a new job with high hopes and you actually fit in well. Months later, you were looking for something new. Something else […]

Learn To Say ‘No’

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Yeah sure, I’ll help you out with that work thing. Of course I’ll make a round of tea. Yes, I’ll come to the pub with you on Friday. Sometimes it can feel like all you ever say is yes to everyone and everything, making you busier than you once were, much more tired than you […]