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Be Brave And Share Your Soul

Sometimes I think that the only way we get through life is by selling parts of our soul. I sell mine through my writing; each article giving the reader part of my personality, letting them see into my head and interpret accordingly. Telling the internet my deep dark thoughts, spilling out my hopes for the future, unleashing my opinions on things I think need to be talked about.

People love to get personal. Mostly that comes in the form of reading – people do not want to sit next to you at the bus stop and hear about your latest emotional break down whilst also getting a whiff of an escaped fart because you feel that open with them. Scrolling through your favourite blogs, or finding a new person to follow on Twitter, you quite like the idea of reading something that comes from their heart, rather than their head.

A piece of writing that has a bit of that person inside it, whether that is their emotion, their experience, or their humour, is always going to be a better read than anything that starts off with “8 ways to better organize your planner”. Though the article may be an excellent piece of helpful advice, reading something that you feel you can connect to, or perhaps empathise with, is always going to leave a feel-good feeling with you, making that particular piece of literature well worth reading.

For selfish reasons I’ve been giving the internet parts of me through the last couple of months especially, to make myself feel a little better for having somewhere to vent. Whenever I do, sure I feel a little nervous about giving away a little part of me; my post about never being sorry for my sex life stayed in my drafts for a long time whilst I got the courage to actually press publish; but after pressing publish, and getting some positive interaction in return, it felt like selling that particular part of my soul worth the return investment in building my confidence as a writer and as an opinionated young lady.

We give our souls away for a reason. We give away our souls as much as we can, in exchange for money or love, so that we no longer have to carry their heavy weight on our backs as we walk through life. If your soul is made out of every aspect of you; your personality, your morals, your time spent on this Earth; then it would probably weigh quite a lot.

We give parts away to belong somewhere, or with someone. Putting a part of ourselves into a community, braving the judgement that may come, or consequence that may arise; rejection, disappointment; and potentially reap the rewards; love and acceptance.

We give different parts of our souls to different people, hoping that we have chosen the right place and people to put it. If so, it can be nurtured and turned into something even better, rather than being buried deep underground, ignored and rebuffed, creating a feeling of loss.

You know that pain you feel when somebody leaves your life? Maybe part of that is the little part of your soul you gave away has also gone. Feeling like less of yourself, like something is missing, then learning how to be yourself again with the soul that you still have pumping through your body and mind.

I suppose that giving parts of your soul away is what makes us human – if we kept all that lovely soul to ourselves, we’d be fairly robotic creatures. There’d be no creativity, no love, no personality let out in the world. Though I think it would be incredibly awesome to exchange internal organs with some fancy pants robot machinery; imagine how much more efficient our insides would be; I would hope we kept our brains, hearts and all those chemicals that give us the feels that we all love and sometimes hate.

So share your soul with your desired audience – whether that is your SO, your best mate, or the internet. The risk will be worth the return.


  1. itsmayurremember

    God this was good. I kept thinking about what you said, how writing to share your soul is better than talking to a stranger in the bus stop. Somehow I feel that maybe the latter would be good too, if our conversation is as good as the funded published post

    1. laugraeva

      I wouldn’t say don’t talk to people but it is easier (and more appropriate) to air out your emotions and experiences to the internet. Writing it out makes me feel better anyhow!

  2. Only in Dreams.

    This was so lovely and so well though out. I’ve always wanted a space to be vulnerable and it’s so wonderful that others feel the same. I’m only just starting out but I’m thinking of going really personal with my blog. I feel like I have a lot I want to share. Would you mind checking it out some time and sharing your thoughts?

  3. Leigh Porter Cutrone

    Interesting blog. I enjoyed reading it and it was certainly thought provoking. You are so correct! We share ourselves and our private thoughts when we blog. Suppose this is why I just love receiving comments to see if I have reached anyone. Thank you for yours!

    1. laugraeva

      Exactly. Giving it away to someone you love, or sharing it on the internet – it’s all good! It’s nice to have people read it and get to know you through your words.

      1. Laura Black

        Absolutely. And for me it is liberating because I feel like my writing is the truest reflection of who I am. It’s funny how we feel the most real when we can be anonymous!

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