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Best Bits Of 2019

You might know that since 2016 I have made a “The 12 Best Posts of X” each year (read them here; 2016, 2017 and 2018).

I’m not doing that this year.

I’ve struggled with writing and posting on this blog for over half of 2019 and so instead of that annual blog-focused recap, I’m just gonna do a life-focused recap, giving myself some pats on the back for things that I did in and outside of this blog.

(Also, I’ve decided on a ‘Best Bits’ rather than a ‘Best and Worst Bits’ because I dunno about you but I need a break from thinking about the ‘Worst Bits’.)

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Best life things of 2019

  1. Speaking at the Houses Of Parliament about image-based sexual abuse (read about it here).
  2. I focused a lot more of my spare time on making art and I really think I’ve improved with watercolour painting and collage creation. I’m thinking of opening up my Etsy shop again but putting a lot more effort into it this time.
  3. I’ve been working with an awesome mentor the entire year, doing workshops and projects with her and some other young creative people. It’s been really enjoyable and I’m really glad that she has decided to take on the entire project as a social enterprise, of which I will be volunteering as Associate Youth Director!
  4. Violet turned 2! Her birthday weekend was brilliant, and yes, I can’t BELIEVE how quickly she is turning into a proper little kid.
  5. I started making zines, which was so fun. I only sold a few but the making of them was the best part. Plus I think they got better as I worked – practice makes perfect.

Best blog things of 2019

  1. I really enjoyed writing the LOVE AND SEX theme blog posts in February this year. I will definitely be doing it again in 2020, and perhaps doing more monthly themes throughout next year. (Read the LOVE AND SEX blog posts here).
  2. Writing to a song like Helena by My Chemical Romance was actually quite therapeutic. It is full of gut-wrenching depression but I still like it. (Read Things Are Better If I Stay here).
  3. I went through a little poetry phase this year, most of it not ending up on this blog, but now I think the poetry has transferred itself into my collage work. Anyway, writing poems for a local poetry competition was cool and my favourite by far was the poem Flowers Of Ink (read it here).
  4. A brand new category on my blog called WOMEN WORTH KNOWING is something I’m excited to continue with. The first post I wrote was so fun to create, it was like writing an essay for school but for something I actually cared about and was super interested in.

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That’s about it really for this year. The rest of this month will be election day and visiting my family for Christmas, and well, the only other ‘Best Bit’ would be voting the Tories out.

Wanna help vote the Tories out? Look up tactical voting.
Wanna keep the Tories in? Election day is December 32nd. 


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