Meet My Hairy Self

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I noticed my armpit hairs in the shower this morning and realised that I had never seen them that long. NEVER.

It’s been about 15 years since puberty hit me and I’ve never ever before seen my body in it’s naturally hairy form.

Hating our bodies is something that we learn, and it sure as hell is something that we can unlearn.

– Megan Jayne Crabbe (BodyPosiPanda)

Over the last few years I’ve been trying to find comfort in my body hair. I used to shave every other day, making myself as bald as possible on all places except my head. Now it’s more like once a week (or two, or just whenever I feel like it, which is rare).

It’s a continuous struggle to unlearn what the patriarchy and society has taught us over a lifetime.

I still see my hairs as ugly sometimes. Rarely do I think of them as beautiful. It’s something I’m still learning to love, but it is definitely something I want to love. I actually love them on other people, men and women, so I’m not sure why I find it more of a struggle to except the hairs on my own body.

However, as I stepped out the shower, my toddler ripping up loo roll on the bathroom floor, I looked in the mirror and raised my arms. Those armpit hairs looked so cute. Like little fluffy friends.

That was something I would never have done or felt as a teenager – any hair on your body that wasn’t on your head was embarrassing and shameful. It was very much highlighted when attending an all girls’ high school.

Leg hairs are easier for me to ‘get away with’ as most of them are blonde and therefore hard to see. Though since pregnancy, the hairs nearer to my ankles are really dark?! Not sure why that has changed but there you have it.

I suppose that my pubic area is harder for me to love (with or without hair) because I’m not at all in love with my C-section scar or my lower tummy. The C-section scar has pulled my skin tighter but above it sits a softer-than-before belly. It might have been almost 18 months but I’m still coming to terms with the changes that pregnancy has made to my body.

Not only am I trying to feel comfortable in my own skin, but I want to love and appreciate my body.

I want that thing that makes people the sexiest version of themselves: CONFIDENCE.

If I was confident enough to show off my body however I wish, to express my femininity however I felt like, to where whatever makes me feel good – I’m sure I would have a super-boost in my self-esteem.

It might seem like a shallow thing but confidence comes from within, and if you are feeling confident, you tend to look better on the outside, which will in turn make you feel even better on the inside. It’s a positive cycle of good feelings.

Let’s get real about the ideal. It sucks. It doesn’t represent us, and it doesn’t even try to. It refuses to acknowledge that people of all sizes, shapes, ages, skin colours, genders and abilities exist and are worthy of being seen, heard, and valued.

– Megan Jayne Crabbe (BodyPosiPanda)

I’m learning what it is to be sexy, and no, that doesn’t mean what I think other people want to see in order to describe me as ‘sexy’. I want to be sexy to myself. I want to feel like I’m floating not dragging my feet. I want to realise that I am not sucking in my stomach and feel good about it. I want to compliment myself like I would any other woman.

We can’t see the beauty in everything that we are because we’ve been taught to first see everything that we’re not.

– Megan Jayne Crabbe (BodyPosiPanda)

And yep I’ve quoted Megan Jayne Crabbe three times because she is a wise beckon of body positivity and yep the next step of my body positive journey is buying her book, “Body Positive Power”.

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  1. You are perfect just as you are. You just need to trust yourself and those of us that are telling you so.

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