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8 Books With An Awesome Heroine

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Fiction proves that human beings can do magic. They can make you immerse into a new world, imagine outrageous adventures, and experience emotion over the written word. Reading something inspiring is all the more powerful – and what better way to get inspired than to read about these truly awesome heroines?

17 Quotes From The Harry Potter Books

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With thanks to my recent bout of great anxiety, I have managed to read all Harry Potter books (minus the Cursed Child) within 6 weeks. They have been a brilliant source of distraction for me, giving me the ability to lose myself in a world of fantasy – an escapism that only stories can provide.

Quotes Taken From: Fahrenheit 451

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The fact that this absolute classic of a book explains its title on the back – “Fahrenheit 451 = the temperature at which book-paper catches fire and burns – makes you want to leap into the dystopian world created by Ray Bradbury. The story follows Guy Montag, a fireman whose job it is to start …

Quotes Taken From: Looking For Alaska

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With nothing having happened to ‘Pudge’ before moving to boarding school, we follow him to his new life and subsequent new, slightly unusual friends. His attention is particularly drawn to Alaska – the girl down the hall, the girl who is as beautiful as she is screwed up. With plenty of pranks, adventures and infatuation …

7 Books To Help You Feel Better About Life

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1. MWF Seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche This book gave me some hope of finding new friends when I didn’t think I could. A lot of people are able to hang on to their childhood friends, whether that is primary or secondary school buddies. People also make friends through work. Making any new friends outside …