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How I Imagine My Future Perfect Day To Look

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When I imagine my future, it looks a bit like the life of Jemima Kirke, as represented on the online magazine Vulture from a few years ago. Within that slideshow of photos, her life looks full to the brim of family, friends and art. It looks pretty good.

On Being Lonely At 25

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Okay, I admit it – I’m a bit lonely. However I am not Bridget Jones kinda lonely, I’m not getting drunk and singing All By Myself, though it may reach that point. What I mean is, I’m not lover-lonely. I have one of those, a very lovely one who I imagine will end up being …

When I Looked In The Mirror, I Didn’t Recognise Myself

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Her hair was darker blonde, there was no liquid eyeliner – not even the ghost of it after wearing some for more than a few hours, and she had her fringe tucked behind her ear. Is it still a fringe if you can tuck it behind your ear? That’s something I’ve always wondered.

Saying Goodbye To My Notebook (Yes, Really)

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Note: This is what I actually sat down and wrote inside my notebook. This may seem odd but I’m writing this to say goodbye to this notebook, to this part of my life. For over six months this notebook* has been my go-to for whenever I had an idea, for whenever I needed to plan out …

How To Be Cool

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I was not the coolest kid during primary nor secondary school. I tried my very best to always fit in, which I think made me stick out even more. Trying to be like the girls I was friends with never really suited me and I always felt like a bit of an outsider. This insecurity …