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Opening Up About Mental Illness

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When visiting my family last September I suppose I did have a breakdown (I just Googled ‘breakdown’ to make sure I wasn’t exaggerating). My emotions spilled out at the smallest trigger, making what was a fun family dinner into an emotional spectacle that nobody could walk out on (the table and chairs are so squished together that …

The Sunshine Makes Me Feel Insecure

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I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine: I don’t really like the summer. The summer brings sunshine (at least sometimes, for those of us living in the UK) and I don’t like that. Well, my Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) doesn’t like that.

18 Misguided Times I Felt Pretty

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Trigger warning: this post contains topics such as sexual consent, revenge porn, body dysmorphic disorder & online sexual abuse.  I spent a lot of my time online when I was a teenager – MSN, MySpace, or random forums and chat rooms. I was a lonely and insecure young girl. I hope that these days young …

Why I Don’t Have Any Couple Photos Of My SO And I

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We recently went to a house-warming party to our new neighbour’s apartment. When I left the kitchen area (the party area, let’s be honest) to have a nosy look round, I noticed this lovely arrangement above their fireplace. It must have been about ten to twelve photos of the couple, in one large collection of …

Only You Are In Control Of Your Future

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Just like any interview, I was asked to give an example of when something had gone wrong (and how I fixed it). I gave a prepared example and they nodded along. The question itself got me thinking about past mistakes, regrets, and how I have managed to move on from tough times.

To Those Who Think Mental Health Is Discussed ‘Too Much’

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I won’t assume that you do or don’t know what having a mental illness is like, because I don’t know you. You may not have had to experience a mental illness, and maybe you consequently lack the empathy or sympathy that should be given to those who have experienced/experience them. You may have had a …