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Dates I Have Had

A collection of short and sweet (and not so sweet) date stories to fill your curiosity.

Great dates:

  • playing hide and seek in a department store
  • going to a BDSM-kink meet-up in London (girls only)
  • building a fort and making out under it until 3AM (somehow??!)
  • being tourists in London for the day (and night)
  • recreating said tourist day in London but with a disposable camera each, and then developing the pictures a week or so later
  • the Michelin Star restaurant and stroll through Dublin
  • a 4th July party on a beach (in Wales)
  • drinks in Ascot; making up Santa religions and guessing what cargo-pants guy had in his cargo-pants pockets
  • a dirty weekend in Birmingham
  • sex before going to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • having his sort-of step mum’s mansion house to ourselves for the entire weekend (I may have got a bad case of cystitis but it was worth it)
  • getting dressed up to go to dinner for my birthday but when reading the menu at the restaurant realising I didn’t want to eat there, so instead we came back home, ordered pizza and watched a movie

Bad dates:

  • sitting in the park whilst his girlfriend kept calling him on his phone
  • going to Starbucks and sitting in his car, watching airplanes take-off and land (whilst he continually kept trying to kiss me)
  • going to a house party and meeting the girl he cheated on me with (back story: I knew he had cheated and for some reason quickly forgave him like it was nothing. At the party there was just something in the air that told me the girl I had briefly met was the one he had slept with, and when I asked him as we walked home he became very defensive and angry and said; “Fuck her!” to which I said; “You already have” and that my friends is my best comeback ever).
  • eating dinner at a table in my room for my birthday (my mum had tried to make a romantic evening for myself and my boyfriend as a birthday treat)
  • meeting for dinner in Cambridge then getting pressured into sex
  • getting kissed in the middle of Reading and realising I didn’t fancy her at all
  • being chased because I got freaked out and tried to drive away

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