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Do Something That Is Just For You

Though I am a big believer in passing on acts of kindness and doing things for other people, I am also a massive advocate for doing things for yourself. And no, I don’t just mean being an independent grown-up who can pay their own bills, or doing lots of self-care activities – I mean doing whatever you feel like that is completely for you. Something childish, something a little unexpected, something to express yourself.

Write. Write like nobody else is going to read your words. Write everything that you love or everything that you hate. Write something that you feel. Write something that you know.

Draw like it doesn’t matter what it comes out like. Colour outside the lines. Draw a doodle in an unexpected place for your future self to find later. Give yourself a little surprise.

Sing and dance, wherever and whenever the urge comes to you.

Shout into a pillow or from the rooftop, just like Tears For Fears tell you to.

Throw stuff around (though be careful not to break things that you don’t want to break). Sometimes I get the urge to just throw my phone to the other side of the room, at the TV, or into a river – not sure if I’m alone in that.

Wear something that gives you amazing confidence or sweet nostalgia. Don’t give a shit if it’s ‘inappropriate’ for whatever event you are attending or errand you are running.

Reach out. Let go of the feeling that you are the first one to speak. Don’t worry whether or not they will accept that olive branch. If you want to talk to them, then do it. At least whatever you want to say will be out of your system.

Indulge in ‘guilty pleasures’. Who cares what somebody else thinks about something that makes you happy?

Walk. Walk to get lost in your thoughts, or to get lost altogether. Observe your surroundings, take photos if you like.

Whatever you decide to do for yourself, make it something that makes you feel free, that gives you a sense of relief.


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