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Doing Something Good

I’ve realised more and more over the past few years that I want to give something back. I want to be┬ádoing something that is helpful to other people. I want to use my empathetic and HSP (highly sensitive person) personality for something good.

What that is, I don’t really know. I’ve tried to encompass those values with this blog, as I started This Stuff Is Golden with the intention of writing helpful, emotive content that might help somebody out there feel a little bit better. I hope I have succeeded in that.

I listen to inspiring podcasts (okay, one podcast, The Guilty Feminist) and each time I do I wish I was doing more to help others. I get this burst of motivational energy and ideas – which is quickly depleted by the fact that I have no means to actually go out and do these helpful things. I barely have enough cash for a bus ticket, let alone going to Calais for the weekend to help refugees (which I would do if I could afford the travel).

One thing I have done is write a piece about image-based sexual abuse (Revenge Porn, as you may know it), to raise awareness of how this crime is seen as the victim’s fault, and how damaging that can be. I’ve written about my experience many times before, on this blog, Elite Daily and Huffington Post, all for the purpose of raising awareness and dealing with how I felt as a victim.

To be frank with you, I wrote this recent piece and wondered if I could sell it to a large online publication – and I did. It now lives on The Establishment (read it here), and I’m really proud of it.

I have gained from writing the article but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have good intentions behind it. I wanted to write it because it’s something that is obviously very personal and something that I believe needs to change.

I hope the piece is helpful, that it makes readers think about the matter and hopefully, other victims will read it and realise that they are not alone in what has happened and that they should never blame themselves for what somebody else has done to them.

I’d like to do more though, for many different causes.

Not only would I be helping others but I’d be helping myself. Doing good for others will make me feel good in return. I believe that if we all did something small for someone in need, we’ll all end up feeling a little happier.

So I’ve decided that maybe there are a few little things I could do, things that could make some difference to those that are suffering. I’ll start small like writing more articles (maybe?) and perhaps organising a bake sale in the village to raise funds for refugees. Or maybe something else – I don’t know yet, but I would really like to try.

Thing is i have to make it as cheap as possible for me to do as I honestly have very little income coming in at the moment. I suppose I will have to get as many freebies as possible in order to make any sort of event happen (even a bake sale), and figure the rest out along the way.

I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to do more good yet, but I really want to try.

Wish me luck.

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