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I managed to write a short piece about my experience with ”Revenge Porn’ for The Empowered Woman Project, an amazing movement created by the wonderful Mandy Jones,

Here’s a small excerpt, but please do check out the full piece here as well as the amazing work that Mandy does for The Empowered Woman Project here!

I’m not sure what the worst part has been. Was it the victim-blaming, the knowing that I will never have control over those images ever again, the tarnished reputation, or the realization that I was groomed throughout the majority of my teenage years, into my early twenties?

There is a lot that is misunderstood when it comes to “Revenge Porn”. There’s the opinion that there must be some sort of ‘revenge’ involved, which is simply not true. In many cases, including mine, there is no revengeful motivations behind them and besides, what does it matter if there was? Nobody deserves to be abused and humiliated in this way, regardless of any previous “wrong-doing” that they may or may not have done.

The distress that image-based sexual abuse has on a victim is an equally important and misunderstood part of this heinous crime. When I found out that my images were online, my first reaction was shock. I couldn’t believe that somebody I had trusted for so long would do this to me.

If you have experienced image-based sexual abuse or ‘Revenge Porn’, feel free to contact me if you need somebody to talk to. Or check out these helpful links below:

The Revenge Porn Helpline
Victim Support

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