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A Need For Closure

There’s a version of you
that haunts my dreams.

I almost reach out
but then I begin to remember
all your dumb flaws
those claws
that vile mouth
connected to that ignorant brain.

You must have stepped out of the 1950’s
or been brain-washed by the patriarchy
or your parents.
Your mum always thought we would end up together.
Thank goodness we didn’t.

For a long, long time I wished
for you to treat me better
for you to respect me
for you to love me.

You blamed me for so much
said vile things that I will never forgive
used me whenever you wanted me.
I never got any closure.
You shouldn’t have had the right
to end all contact.
It should have been me.

Yet I wonder how you’re doing
where you’re living
how you spend your time
though the thought of your daily life
with your soon-to-be wife
makes me feel sick.

Why did I waste all that time
chasing you
waiting for you to become
that version of you
that haunts my dreams.

For February I have decided to do LOVE AND SEX themed blog posts. Check out the tag to see more of this month’s theme! 

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