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Our First Date, Two Years On

When you first held my hand – that was the moment when I knew we were going to be something pretty amazing.

We had been sitting in a bar for a while, drinking gin and tonics. I had been making up weird observational jokes about the people that surrounded us, thinking that my humour would be the thing to make you like me – you were/are so beautiful, I thought that there was no way on this Earth that you would fancy me.

We made up jokes about the guy that seemed to be on a date with two women, who was also wearing cargo trousers with an unlimited number of pockets. What did he keep in those pockets? We decided there was probably a tin of sardines in one of them. At one point it seemed like he had caught me looking and talking about him, but you saved me by pretending to talk about something else. That guy ended up leaving the bar with both women – something we couldn’t believe.

Then there was the army of ‘lads’. Those guys that wear a uniform (chinos/skinny jeans, polo shirts, brown brogues), who all skipped leg day and walked around as if they had a metre stick up their ass to the top of their spine. It was like watching a herd. We laughed at their need to push their chests out and tried to figure out which one was the alpha.

We somehow made up a religion in which you would worship Father Christmas. We developed a plan to make it some sort of cult where we could make a ton of money. If that failed, we decided you would get married to a rich older lady, wait for her to pass on, and then date me again.

Those kinds of jokes proved to me that you were my kind of person. However, after hours of laughter and chat and drinks, I still wasn’t convinced that you had any romantic interest in me.

The bar was getting a little crowded and loud, so we left and walked down the high street to find somewhere else. The next bar we passed was even more crammed with the Friday night crowd, so we settled for the pub at the end of the street. It wasn’t very atmospheric, but at least it was quiet. It was the kind of pub where you would put your arm down on the table and find something sticky had been left behind.

If I recall correctly, it was just the one drink in there. We started inside, then sat outside, then came back inside again when they closed off the garden area. It was near to 1am. We’d been on our date for about 5 hours.

The pub rang the bell and began to chuck people out. We walked out the door together and that was then when you took hold of my hand. It was so gentle, so sweet, I still remember the grin I had on my face when you did it. I probably make the same grin just remembering that moment.

We walked up the street again so I could get some cash out for my taxi home. My phone died so I borrowed yours to call for a cab. We ducked in to a sort of alleyway to get out of the way of passersby.

That’s when the big moment finally came. It was a kiss that could have been from a movie. Pure magic.

We kissed until my taxi arrived. Once I got in I realised that it was the same taxi driver who had dropped me off. He asked me how my date went. I smiled, thinking to myself how it had been such a wonderful night to what had been a very shitty day.

As the taxi driver took me home, it hit me¬†that I had met somebody. I had arranged the date with you thinking it would be something extremely casual, just a bit of fun. I wasn’t looking for anything serious, and was going through what was turning out to be the worst time of my life – but there you were, there we were, the start of a relationship that continues to be out of this world.

Now, almost two years later, we’re still going through some tough times. We’re just three months away from meeting our daughter – something neither of us would have believed was going to happen if you had told us seven months ago, let alone two years ago.

A lot of uncertainty surrounds us, but I wouldn’t swap it for anything. To this day, I still can’t get over how beautiful you are, both inside and out, or how lucky I am that you love me too.

This next year of our relationship will be even more bonkers, most definitely the craziest yet. But I’m excited to spend it with you, to meet our daughter, and start a whole new kind of adventure together.

I love you.


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