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For The Love Of Letters

Letters have brought me a lot of good things in the past. Some stuff that’s a bit boring; like tax rebates, long-awaited appointment details, registration forms; but also some amazing stuff; messages of good wishes, gifts and cards, friendship and love.

I love the craft of a letter, the commitment. Putting pen to paper feels so personal, you can see how the sender has put in time and effort when writing this letter to you. You can see where they might have misspelt a word or two (or more). You are reminded that somebody was thinking of you and wanted to let you know.

The same can be said for emails. Even though there isn’t the same sort of personal craftsmanship, an email still can be full of personality, emotion and all that other good stuff. Some of my favourite letters have been in the form of email – I have a semi-regular email pen pal who I love dearly, and whenever I see her name in bold at the top of my email list I am delighted and so eager to read whatever it is that she has decided to write to me.

Just like any conversation, letters and emails can create wonderful relationships – you can really get to know somebody through the written word. I suppose there’s a bit of a secrecy because although the receiver is (most likely) going to read it, at that moment of writing you tend to be alone with your thoughts, with the pen and paper or behind the screen. You can spill your guts with a little more ease as you know that any type of judgement (if any at all) will come later, it won’t be immediate, you can hide behind your pen, or perhaps the envelope, maybe even the postage.

The plain, written word is such a powerful and emotive thing for both writer and reader. There’s a lot of connection that can be made, not only in a personal manner but a professional one too.

I think sometimes people just want to be spoken to, rather than shown some gimmick or picture or video. That’s why newsletters can be such a brilliant tool, because if they are done right, you can really make a great impression on the reader, whether you are doing it for personal or business use. Tools like My Emma can help you do that.

I would love to write each and every reader of this blog a letter, I’d love to converse with everyone. I wear my heart on my sleeve, I’m an open book, I love personal stuff. Maybe it’s about time that I make my own newsletter? I’ll continue writing letters in both paper and email form, and maybe get round to making a newsletter at a later stage of this blogging journey.

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  1. Lauren

    “You was on Victoria Derbyshire” – being on that show was not exposure for writing. I told my story about image-based sexual abuse, that’s it.

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