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Galentines Day – To The Women I’ve Met Along The Way

Galentines Day is upon us! If you don’t know what Galentines Day is, well I implore you to watch Parks & Recreation, Season 2, Episode 16. Or, watch the below clip:

So, as a way to celebrate the women in my life, or more specifically, the women I have met virtually through the world of blogging, in some way or form, I am going to show the love by writing a little bit about them.

We may not be neighbours, nor did we go to school together, but I consider these women to be my friends, and so here’s some soppy, heart-felt love for you all:

When Do I Get The Manual?

Quinn, you beautiful, smart, funny, kind person. I’m so lucky to know you! And I love our little dialogue of Instagram videos, they always make me happy.

Frantastic View

I’m not sure how long I’ve read Fran’s blog for but I know for certain that I have been a fan from the start. Fran is so curious, and there’s something really grounding about her writing, which is a real treat.

Treacle Heart

My love! I professed my love to Helena rather publicly (read it here), and since then we have become irregular email pen-pals. I love receiving emails from Helena, she is so emotive, her words are so powerful, she’s a fucking artist – and a lot kinder than she thinks she is.

Aloha Lola cards

Claire! A real-life diamond, you are so kind and sweet and honest, I truly treasure you as a person whom I can turn to when I’m having a crisis. Thank you.

Your Book Begins

I’ve always found you to be such an inspiring person Jenny. The work that you do and your overall outlook on life (mindfulness, reflective thinking) is something you should be really proud of.

The Life Degree

My pen-pal! I was actually super bummed when Ksenia told me she was moving to California (I was hoping to someday meet her in London), nevertheless, I greatly enjoy receiving and sending snail mail to and from her, love the honesty and wisdom that she gives me.


My bambi! We met (virtually) because I was such a fan of your essays that were published on Thought Catalog, and since then a friendship has blossomed which I am LOVING.

The Unbalancing Act

Shareen, I really love the kindness that you so easily give, and how sweet you come across in the messages that we exchange. I know you are going through an awful time right now, and I hope that you have all the love you need around you to help you get through it.

Making It Mindful

Chrissy! I’ve always enjoyed your blog, since goodness knows when I came across it. You are full of wisdom and since we both became first-time mums, I’m really glad to have you in my (virtual) life!

Awkwardly Alive & Pleasantly Peculiar

Emelie, thank you so much for all your support over the years. Your comments are always so incredibly kind, I think you’re so creative, I love how you have so many wonderful and interesting hobbies that you share, I often wish I lived close to you so I could take part (and hang out with Gio and Aloy).

Little Love Co./ DeAMAMA

Courtney, you’ve helped me so, so much during the early months of motherhood. You answered my questions and generally supporting me through the really tough times, and I’ll always be grateful for that. You inspire me a lot with the business you run whilst raising two wonderful children!


Bo! I can’t recall how long we have known each other virtually, it must be years! Thank you for all your kindness and conversation during that time, I can’t wait to meet you in person one day (soon!).

Two Book Minimum

René! You’ve been a brilliant source of support for so long, thank you so much! I hope to get to know you more so and that we continue our friendship for a long time.

For February I have decided to do LOVE AND SEX themed blog posts. Check out the tag to see more of this month’s theme! 


  1. Rene

    You are so wonderful, Lauren! I feel honored that we’ve gotten to know each other more this year. I really hope we continue to do so! Happy Galentine’s Day!

  2. Emelie

    Ahhhhhh this is so nice!! Thank you so much.
    And in response…

    Lauren, even when things are really hard or when you have to talk about downright terrible shit, you manage to find the light. I always value and envy your bravery and vulnerability with your writing and it has been so amazing to see your blog and your writing grow as your life has gone through some seriously mega changes (can you believe that we started following each other before you were pregnant and now I’ve literally watched you become a goddamn brilliant mother?!). You rock, and I love you, and Happy Galentine’s Day.

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