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Hanging Out In The Hood (Adulthood That Is)

The reality of sorting your life out is a daunting task.

Being all grown-up with all those grown-up things to do when you still feel 17 is the daily struggle of adulthood. Or at least, that’s what I’ve learnt so far about being adult-like.

There’s so many things to think about and sort out. These things are particularly overwhelming because you thought that by now, at this age; which seemed super old when you were in fact 17; you would have all this figured out and your life would be one awesome pile of coolness that all your old school friends would be super jealous of. But it’s not really. At least not yet.

On your horrifying to-do list, you’ve got to figure out:

Money problems. How to get more of it.

What the world says to do:
– Have more of it because living is expensive.

What the internet says to do:
– Make an Excel spreadsheet budget.
– Make huge pots of food to last you the week.
– Spend less money on fun stuff.

What you actually end up doing:
– Put things on your Amazon wishlist instead of buying them.
– Buy less at the supermarket, and instead create weird meals using whatever you can find in the freezer.
– Enter ITV competitions in the hope that the universe will hear your pleas.

Career path problems. What’s a dream job and where’s yours?

What the world says to do:
– Keep working.
– Work harder.
– You sure you working hard enough?

What the internet says to do:
– Figure out what you want to do in your spare time.
– Do some sort of side hustle.
– Dress like a boss and all your dreams will come true.

What you actually end up doing:
– Daydream about a job that requires no commute, flexible hours, and no work.
– Wait for said job to land in your lap.

Relationship problems. How to find a person.

What the world says to do:
– Find the person, because without them you are NOT WHOLE.
– Better find them quick, you ain’t getting any younger.

What the internet says to do:
– Find them using the internet. Trust me, I’m the internet. It’s all legit here.

What you actually do:
– Download a dating app and swipe. Swipe all night.
– Never message anyone back.
– Look at strangers on the commute to work and picture your lives together.
– Go back to swiping on your phone.

Anyone fancy building a sofa fort and living in denial?


  1. Moi

    I laughed at this as I was putting things on my Amazon wishlist this very day. None of these things really change by the way, not unless that lottery jackpot comes in.

  2. Haylee

    I’ll build a sofa fort – I tried it the other day. My skills have failed me since my childhood though. Ended up under a wobbly clothes horse that refused to support my blanket. Still, beat doing the ironing!

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