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How I’m Doing

I’m anxious right now, just like a lot of you are. I’m feeling very vulnerable, very stuck, and very overwhelmed.

(Maybe that extra coffee wasn’t the best idea).

My neck muscles are cramping, my wrists feel like they are going to burst and my tear ducts are heavy.

It’s really tough right now, I don’t need to tell you that. Everything is poo. I miss everyone, I miss doing things!

I feel like a bad parent for not being able to take my daughter to fun things or on days out, even though I have no control over the situation. I’m doing my best but it doesn’t feel like enough (as usual).

Let’s think about something else for a bit. Let me tell you about and show you some nice things. Nice things that have helped me enjoy myself over the past week:


The House On Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros

Holy shit, this fucking book dude. OH MY. I got my copy from World Of Books and it arrived with sticky-note tabs and almost every line of text highlighted with pencil, which I love. I love when a secondhand book shows signs of previous lovers (is that weird?). Anyway, I’m glad they underlined most of it because it saved me from doing it, this book is that fucking special. It’s like poetry. It is really. It’s a wee novella that I am certainly going to keep close to me for a long time.

An Angel At My Table by Janet Frame

You might have read my last blog post (Quotes Taken From: An Angel at My Table by Janet Frame), so you may already know a bit about this book and why I loved it. It’s another fairly short book, another second-hand purchase with a previously loved quality to it. I’d love to read more of Janet’s story, as well as her actual fictional works, I think times like these make us need to escape into other people’s worlds even more so than normal, and this is a good one to dive deep into.



I’ve been feeling a lot of inspiration for art recently, a lot of freedom with it too, like I don’t care too much about the final product, I’m just happy to give it a try. Here’s a few of my recent collages that you can also have a look through on my instagram:

How are you lot doing? I hope you’re all staying safe. I’m off to get my antidepressants from the pharmacy right now, wish me luck.

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