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I’m so utterly touched when somebody gets in contact with me after reading one of my articles. Whether they are commenting on a post or emailing me (which you can totally do by the way, my inbox is always open), it is really heart-warming yet sad to know that what I have written has resonated with somebody else.

I keep my inbox open because I know how important it is to talk about these things. I kept a lot of my depression to myself, barely letting anybody know how bad it became, through both a mixture of embarrassment and assumed lack of understanding.

I try to stay in contact with the lovely people who do get in touch with me, checking in every now and again to see how they are doing, and to sometimes offload onto them (sorry).

Recently I had a lovely lady contact me who is going through a really rough patch of her depression. She’s been suffering for a long time and doesn’t have any support system around her. She once asked me in an email if I had any tips or advice about the ‘down days’ after reading my post on The Mighty.

It makes my heart heavy when I can’t do much for people who get in touch. All I can really offer is a listening ear, or inbox as it were. I sometimes give out information about charities that helped me if I think they are relevant, but apart from that there isn’t much I can do, and that is saddening.

I wish I could offer an instant cure. I wish I knew exactly what words need to be said to help them heal. I wish I could give them 100% guarantee that the things that worked for me are going to work for them.

I am able to tell them that the numb feelings do go away after a while, that ‘down days’ won’t last forever, and that with support, you can find yourself being happy and content again. It just doesn’t feel like enough. Those are the things you expect to hear from someone. I want to be able to give people a reassuring hug in the form of amazing words that will genuinely make them feel better, but I haven’t figured out what those words are (yet).

That’s why I think my blog has become so important to me recently. I have realized that being open and honest about what I went through and what I have learned is a way in which I can help other people who are going through something similar.

I don’t care if somebody throws insults at me for being honest about it, because if I want more people to be aware and feel less alone then I will have to put my story out there. If it helps one person then it is worth doing.

Thankfully there’s a wonderful community of people willing to help others who are suffering from mental illness. Here’s a collection of some inspiring people to help you through with their own wonderful words:

And don’t forget you can email me (if you want to)!


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