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If My Closet Could Talk

Inspired by MR Writers Club Prompt: If Your Closet Could Talk, What Would It Say? by Man Repeller 

It would say;

Get some colour in your wardrobe, it’s not that scary, you can be visible sometimes if you want to.

What happened to that retro skirt phase you went through last summer? They were pretty, but you stopped, why?

Does this dress even feel like you anymore?

That black lacy dress you wore from your 18th birthday – are you really going to wear that again?

This one needs to go because you know it belongs to a different life. A very different part of you. And you know exactly what dress I am talking about.

The police still have that yellow dress of yours. And our leather jacket. Will they be returned d’ya reckon? Do you even want them back?

It’s hard to feel like yourself in clothes when you’re not really sure who you are or how you want to express yourself. Something that changes with time I suppose.

Why are you afraid to wear accessories? Why does it make you uncomfortable?

Please for the love of Satan buy some new work-out gear. PLEASE.

When was the last time you really felt good about what you were wearing, like from head to toe? Cos I can’t remember either.

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