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It’s Not Such A Bad Day

This morning my body failed to get out of bed on time because my mind was weighing me down. It was as if all my negative thoughts, anxieties and depression were filling up every limb with concrete, keeping me immobile and under the covers.

I lay in my SO’s arms and told him that I was sad. This lead to a long, emotional talk about how I have been feeling suicidal again recently. My depression has been trying to convince me that ending it all is the only logical solution to my problems and my failures. We cried together in bed, were very honest with each other, and after a while started to talk about ways that I can get better.

I plan to seek out help from therapy groups in my local area whilst I wait for my NHS psychotherapy appointment next month. I also plan to visit the doctors again to potentially up my dosage of Serotonin. I vowed to get better not only for myself but for my SO and my family.

We also discussed what we really want in our lives. I realised that I had three ambitions that I wanted to pursue:

  1. Working for/starting a mental health charity
  2. Writing fiction
  3. Studying creative writing/literature and/or philosophy.

That’s quite a chunk of things, especially when you add in my intended four children and (at least) five pets, all living on a beautiful piece of land in Canada.

As we talked about the things we want, my wonderful and supportive SO told me that it was never too late to study and that I should look into it if it’s something that I want to do. This got my thoughts rolling and I began to note down all of the ambitions I had and ideas about how I could possibly start achieving them.

The morning’s discussions began to really lift my spirits and now I feel very motivated to make today not such a bad day.

My charity ambitions reminded me of an amazing project by a lovely person I met through the magic of Twitter. Ksenia is the blogger of the life degree, and creator of the project Not Such A Bad Day.


Not Such A Bad Day is a charitable project that seeks to remind us that even though working and living in the modern world can be really hard at times, a lot of people around the globe are a lot worse off than us. Ksenia’s project inspires you to make your day and somebody else’s day better by pledging £2 to charity, seizing an opportunity and spreading positivity.

On this gust of good feeling I have supported Not Such A Bad Day by donating money to War Child (which you can do here if you like), planning to get the ball rolling with my three ambitions (after I’ve finished this post), and spreading the positivity by sharing this great project with you folks.

If you’d like to get involved with the Not Such A Bad Day project, feel free to click here and see how you can make your day better.

Today is a day for planning the future and creating opportunities for myself, as we all know that many of the things that we want will not miraculously fall into our laps. We have to make these things happen and be open to new challenges.

What ambitions do you have? How will you make today not such a bad day?

15 thoughts on “It’s Not Such A Bad Day

  1. I really enjoyed this post. I didn’t enjoy your struggling moments, of course, but I did enjoy seeing how it turned into a positive one! That’s what matters right?! I think you are on a great track, don’t give up!

    1. Thanks Tara! It’s so lovely to get comments like yours when one opens up so much in a post! Really appreciate it.

  2. Hi lovely Lauren! You wrote to me a few months ago via my contact page, and after switching blog platforms I stopped getting email notifications on my messages, and I’ve only just found them! I hope you didn’t think I was being rude! But thank you so much for your beautiful feedback! Your site looks fab, I don’t think you need any tips from me! What platform are you using? I’m no professional, I tend to google most things, but I have a great site I use if I’m ever stuck if you want the link?

    Anyway, thanks again for getting in contact!

    Lau xx

    1. Hi Laura! Oh that’s okay! I totally understand that – switching platforms can be more work than one thinks they have signed up for! I eventually got somebody else to solve my blog problem for me (thank you Fiver!). Have to say (can’t remember if I did last time) I’m in awe of your site and love your about page – you seem like my kind of person, so say hello to your new subscriber! x

  3. I’m so glad your going to start working towards what you really want to do!Id love to be involved in a mental health charity, I actually lost a friend to mental illness recently, she had a personality disorder and depression, the same things that I struggle with, and it really hit home and made me realise how much I want to raise awareness for and talk about mental health. I often feel too young, and I struggle to talk about my own experiences, but I’d love to help in any way I can. I think your blog is brilliant, it’s such a good source of motivation and I find it seriously inspiring, so thanks for this post!☺️

    1. Oh goodness, I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. I’m actually thinking of starting my own project if you’d like to get involved? Literally have no details/plan just yet but the more support the better! Or you can volunteer for any local mental health charity – there’s a website called Do It which hosts a whole range of volunteering opportunities, though I think it’s England/Wales only(?). If you ever wanted to guest post on my blog as your first step to speaking about your experiences then feel free to get in contact with me! (Sorry for the overload of information!)

  4. I’ve had a similar chat with my boyfriend a few days ago after we got back from the holidays. Turns out we’re both not entirely happy what we’ve got career wise. Me in particular. What I really would like is to write about beauty professionally. I know I’ve been doing it as a hobby for a bit but would really want to take it further. At the moment I’ve got no idea how plus I’m hating everything I write. Great times.

    1. That’s the worst part – when you have no idea how to even get started. I have a list or two of publications that pay for writing if that’s of any use to you?

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