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Scrap The Click-Bait And Get Personal

The power of words is incredible and underrated. Remember the last time you read a book and you were actually upset that you had finished it? Remember when you read a news article that not only let you know the latest bullshit that was occurring in the world of politics, but was written in such a way that it made you feel like joining a protest? Or that time where that Tweet you scrolled past, but scrolled up again to read summarised how you were feeling to the T on that very day?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; “Writing can make both the reader and the writer experience something. The particular words could evoke completely different things for each individual person, or they could create a simultaneous emotional reaction of both people on different sides of the planet.

Whether laughing or crying, reminiscing or looking to the future, words can make our brains do marvellous things.”

This is all incredibly true. Words are amazing, and I love to write them.

I love to write them, and I’d LOVE to get paid for writing them, just like a LOT of writers out there would want too.

Something that does dishearten me about the whole freelance blogger type career, is the promotions, reviews, and numbered lists that appear everywhere and anywhere.

The content that people like to read is stuff that is separated into either short paragraphs or bullet points. If you were to click onto a blog post that was filled with huge, lengthy paragraphs, you’d most likely give up on reading the whole thing. People also like to read reviews on products before they buy them, especially if it is something that is of deep interest or close to an obsession. All of that is completely fair enough.

I’m not gonna lie – I like a numbered list of content every now and again. It’s easy reading and normally is a bundle of funny stuff, like “19 Ways You Are Totally Faking This Being An Adult Thing.” Gotta love that shit when you’re scrolling through Twitter first thing on Saturday morning.

I have in fact made content like that.

The thing that disheartens me however, is the only writing I seem to be able to get paid for is the stuff described above. It’s got to be in bullet points. It’s got to be click bait. It’s got to be like an article that you’ve probably read before a lot, in a similar tone of voice, with pretty much the same points made, except all completely original content. Sounds like a contradiction to me, but hey.

What I would really love to get paid for, or as my positive mindset would say – what I WILL get paid for, is personal, inspiring essay type posts. I like reading something that is going to move me. I like writing things that are going to help other people feel less alone. I like reading things that motivate me to chase after what I want. I like writing things that make people feel like they can do whatever they like without fear of being judged.

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It’s not something you see much these days with a lot of blogs. They have gone down the route that gets actual payment. Just like my fellow blog friend has written; “We stopped sharing personal posts and instead, started sharing things we thought we should blog about.

And of course, I do not dismiss their talent as writers. I’m a bit jealous to be frank. They get money for writing on their very own blog. They get lots of views and comments. Lots of traction and reaction. I would like that very much. Like, sell my kidney. But not that extreme.

The only thing I can write about and think it’s somewhat decent content at the end of it, is something that I have put my heart into. If my heart is in it, then maybe somebody else will connect to it. Just like when I wrote about sharing your soul –  people love to get personal. They (including me) like others to empathise with. They like to read about someone overcoming a traumatic event or having an awkward sexual encounter with an ex. They like to know that other people are just like them too.

That’s what I’m trying to achieve with everything that I write. No fluff content. Just real people and real stories that really happened.

Maybe one day essay posts will get the same level of recognition as other more ‘user-friendly’ posts. I do hope so.


  1. Love, Laughter & Truth

    I hear ya sister! Couldn’t agree more, we’re definitely on the same page. Each to their own and all that but I want to see personality, character, humour, a way with words, a phrase that makes me think…; hence, here I am!

  2. Tara Laureen

    I appreciate this post. I am new to blogging and while one day it would be nice to explore turning it into a career, for the moment I am writing essay style posts that are deeply personal, about healing, growth, the journey of finding yourself, and some travel stuff as well. I’m happy with my approach, and I’m happy with my writing as well. My goal right now is to share and hopefully inspire others, the way I am inspired when I read others’ words. Sometimes its inspiration, sometimes what I read helps me figure my shit out, its that sense of connectivity that I’m yearning for. You are right, its difficult, people want quick and easy a lot of the time, but I am one person who doesn’t mind reading a lengthy piece if it is well written or resonates with me in someway. I’m with you, I hope essay posts one day get the recognition they deserve!
    In the mean time, you guys can find me at http://pursuitofmytruth.org/ if you feel like reading a long personal awesome essay 😉

    1. laugraeva

      This is exactly why I’m trying to start up a new writing project, which is only filled of personal, honest stories/opinions. I hope I actually make something worthwhile!

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