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Living In A Bubble

At first I thought, holy crap, we are going to be even more stuck than usual. We live in a wee village which is a short bus journey away from the nearest town, the distance too great to walk (with a buggy/toddler).

I was sobbing at the thought of not seeing my friends, not being able to organise play-dates with other mums and their children, not being able to entertain my 2 year old by going on outings and adventures. I’m sure a lot of mums felt the same anxiety as I did.

My daughter and I are currently on day 15 of social isolation, we started a little early as a friend of ours whom we had hung out with recently started to show symptoms of the virus.

Surprisingly, I got used to hanging around the house fairly quickly. We are very fortunate to have a garden to play in, to have a quiet road outside the front of our house (which is full of potholes that turn into puddles). Our village is friendly and small-ish, so walks are also easy to do, even if they are repetitive.

I’ve actually had a few great days during this weird, scary time. Genuinely happy days of simply living in the moment with my little monkey by my side.

Even though the outside world is scary and the unknown of what is going to happen next is absolutely terrifying, there is a safety that I am feeling throughout.

The responsibility of moving forward in life, of making things happen, of making success, has been taken away from me. I can’t do things (not really anyway) because the world is kinda shut down. We are on pause. We are in a bubble.

Whilst that lack of control does scare me and does make me feel even worse than normal sometimes, it is often a relief. I’m allowed to just live each day as best I can without thinking about outside things too much. I can think of fun games to play with my daughter, short walks to go on, focus on my fitness and my art.

I am very privileged though – I still live with my ex (my daughter’s dad), and we are still very good friends, so I get a lot of help from him. I live in a large house (owned by my ex’s mum), and I am on Universal Credit. This makes me very lucky in normal circumstances, let alone in this pandemic. My bubble is a very safe bubble, and I suppose that is why I am feeling rather comfortable in it.

Bubble life is going okay, and I’m very lucky to be able to say that. The cards I have been dealt are pretty damn good, considering. I do however wonder what will happen when the bubble does pop.

I hope you are all doing okay. Or as okay as you can be.

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