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Mother’s Day: The Women I Admire and Why

By The Static Gypsy

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I’ve chosen to post about my ultimate beauty, life and character hero, none other than the incomparable Audrey Hepburn, and of course my amazing Mum!

Hepburn means a lot to me as she was the first old Hollywood actress I really fell in love with as a child. Then as I grew older she became a role model for how I wanted to think about and talk to other people. Her kindness combined with her timeless beauty and talent made her the epitome of what being a woman means to me.

mothers day, guest post, this stuff is golden, audrey hepburn,

I think what I admire most about Hepburn is that she had an insatiable optimism about relationships and love. Every time a man hurt her she would pick herself up, dust herself off and smile at the world. She always believed in that Hollywood, fairy tale romance no matter how bad things got. This outlook also carried over into her family life, despite several years of trouble with having children. It’s really something I look up to in her. Nothing ever seemed to get her down and I think that’s something everyone can condition themselves to emulate.

This, incidentally, leads me onto the real hero of Mother’s Day for me – my lovely Mum. Obviously no Mother’s Day post would be complete without talking about the woman who raised me not only as mum, but as dad, therapist, advisor, and all round moral supporter.

I actually see a lot of similarities between Hepburn and my mum. Both of them embody that positivity and steadfastness that I admire so much. My mum not only raised three kids single handed, but she also raised three successful adults who all have a close relationship to her and go to her with anything. Seriously, anything – she knows things about her children that most mothers would freak out over!

mothers day, guest post, this stuff is golden, audrey hepburn,

I struggle sometimes with being a little down about things; I’m very easily stressed too so positive people are really a big source of inspiration for me. I find that whenever things are piling on top of me, my mum is the best at making me focus and deal with everything practically and calmly. Basically, without her, I would just be a screaming crying mess who’s starving to death and wearing one sock all the time. She really helps me adult!

So between Audrey Hepburn and my own mum, I think my role models are very positive, inspirational, and, most importantly, attainable. I can teach myself to be more like them and my mum in her turn can teach me ways she thinks about things and I can get into the same habits. Who do you admire and why? Let us know in the comments!

Once again thank you to Lauren for letting me loose on her lovely blog! It was so much fun creating content for such a gorgeous site and a lovely blogger!



  1. Emelie

    Okay, I love this. I love that you choose to look up to positive forces in your life! We always need more optimism and positivity and love and hugs and puppies and… wait, am I getting of track?

  2. Quinn

    Well this post made me jaw-clenchingly jealous! Your mother sounds unreal! I love her and I don’t even know her! Great guest post Liv!

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