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New Growth

Sometimes I look out to the garden
It’s a mess
So neglected
A sorry state of nature.

Dead plants
Twisted twigs
Cracked leaves
Roots uprooted
Ugly rot and ruin
Wild things growing in all directions.

For a long time it’s been this way
Something left alone to its own devices
Something seen as too big of a task
That would take a lot of time and
A lot of energy
And consistent looking after.

But with the right tools
I can pull out the dead shrubs
And make room for growth
I can discard of the negatives taking up space
Taking up energy
And let something new take its place.

Piles of weeds and things that are ugly
Are cleared of the earth
It’s not quite a blank canvas but
The blossoms are still there
The colour is still there
The hopeĀ is still there.

Underneath all of that unkempt
I am still here
And I am ready
To flourish.


  1. Lydia

    What’s the Harry Potter quote? “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

  2. sparkyjen

    In most places, spring has sprung. The time is ripe to start clearing out the debris in our gardens, houses, and lives…why not?! If we could make a start doing it, I imagine we might grow to love the sense of accomplishment that may well come with it. If you listen, you’re bound to hear the phase, “Spring Cleaning” being uttered quite a lot. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.

    New life. New energy. New blooms. New perspective. How could our “gardens” be they outside or in not flourish. With the right tools, and a little intention, we’ll be on our way to bringing beauty back to our world. Super fantastic!

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