Why Planning Your Life Out Is Probably Impossible.

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“Why working hard is more important¬†than talent.” “Achieve your goals using these three simple tricks.” “How to figure out what you really should be doing with your life.” There are a lot of blog posts, infographics and articles about those sorts of things, though I’m pretty sure they actually translate to: “Just keep doing it …

Why The Magic Of Writing Will Never Die

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Writing can make both the reader and the writer experience something. The particular words could evoke completely different things for each individual person, or they could create a simultaneous emotional reaction of both people on different sides of the planet. Whether laughing or crying, reminiscing or looking to the future, words can make our brains …

Why We Should Never Apologize For Our Sexual Past

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Some people kiss and tell, some don’t. I do. I have a ridiculous trait that ensures I am excited about pretty much anything that happens in my life. When this excitement hits me, I can’t help but want to tell somebody about it. This is very much true when it comes to sex.

Hanging Out In The Hood (Adulthood That Is)

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The reality of sorting your life out is a daunting task. Being all grown-up with all those grown-up things to do¬†when you still feel 17 is the daily struggle of adulthood. Or at least, that’s what I’ve learnt so far about being adult-like. There’s so many things to think about and sort out. These things …