Why Your Writing Does Matter

What Happened When I Called The Samaritans

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I had thought about it a few times before, but each time had made me burst out into tears again. How could I be so pathetic in wanting to kill myself in the first place? Other people have it much worse than me, so how dare I think I have it bad enough to want …

I Wish I Could Do More

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I’m so utterly touched when somebody gets in contact with me after reading one of my articles. Whether they are commenting on a post or emailing me (which you can totally do by the way, my inbox is always open), it is really heart-warming yet sad to know that what I have written has resonated …

How I Will Turn Sadness Into Something Better

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No longer am I going to let sadness take over my brain, take over my actions, or take over my day. What happened to me wasn’t my fault, no matter what some people say. I know the arguments – if I hadn’t taken the photos in the first place, none of this would have happened. …