The Power of Inner Voices

8 Things to Remember When Doubting Yourself

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Confidence can be knocked in too many ways. You can feel chipped away at from a negative comment from a colleague or completely flattened by a bulldozer when suffering from mental illness. You can feel like you are not good enough to do anything, not even the things that you used to do, that you …

What To Do When You Are A Victim of Revenge Porn

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At first I thought somebody had tried to steal my identity. I sat at my office desk at work going through all the fake social media accounts that had been created and writing them down. I thought that reporting the accounts would be the way to go – but once I started to really dig, it …

When You Feel Like Your Life Isn’t Enough

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I avoid Facebook not only for the app that listens to your conversations but because of the curiosity that peaks when I am on it. Wondering what people are doing with their lives instead of having to think about mine, my thumb scrolls through old work colleagues’ or the school peers’ Facebook profiles and photos. …