Wanting To Do It All

Wishing For That Sitcom Life

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As a hopeful teenager, I always envisioned that my adult life would include the following things: a super cool job an awesome apartment in a vibrant city the funnest group of friends that live minutes away a pretty boyfriend whose totally into me.

It’s Okay Not To Be Happy All The Time

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I was a bit of a sad twelve year old girl. I did not fit in well in my secondary school – a single sex school filled with students desperate to grow-up, whilst I was still enjoying playing with my two younger brothers and not learning about all things adolescent. I wasn’t very good at …

What Body Dysmorphic Disorder Is Like

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In year 10 of secondary school, my form tutor announced that we all had to participate in a renewal of our school photos; the last round of photos being of us in the innocent and enthusiastic days of year 7, at the tender age of 11. This sent a surge of panic through my bones …