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Parenting Is…

(At least, this is what parenting is in the first three months).

Cancelling date plans because of a very tired, screaming baby.

Falling in love with her smile every time.

Laughing at farts that turn into poops.

Crying at 4am because you miss sleeping for longer than 4 hours at a time.

Cracked nipples.

Wiping vomit from my shoulder, arm, leg, sock.

Half-watching a movie whilst breastfeeding/rocking to sleep.

Talking baby-babble to have a conversation.

Urgently searching for something to wipe the puke with.

Feeling frustrated when they just won’t sleep.

Having a quickie in the dark as quietly as possible.

Rinsing out poop stains.

Wondering if it will ever get just a little bit easier.

Watching box set after box set because you need to hear adult conversation.

Bickering with your partner because you’re both so tired.

Realising that they’ve grown so much in such little time.

Having thousands of photos on your phone.

Spending what little money you have on nappies, wipes and toys.

Thinking your baby is the cutest (because she is).

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  1. Quinn

    I know the first part must be tricky as hell, but just imagine how upset you’ll be on her first day of school! I think you sound like an amazing mother. Stay strong!

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