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Questions I’d Like To Ask The World

(But can’t)

  1. Does anybody ever have the life that they imagined when they were younger?
  2. Do things ever work out?
  3. Is anything simple?
  4. Do people ever get what they deserve?
  5. Who decides on what makes somebody a success?
  6. Is the universe in charge of people’s lives?
  7. Is fate real?
  8. Does depression ever really go away?
  9. How come bad people get ahead in life?
  10. What gives life meaning?
  11. Is it crucial to find your purpose?
  12. Is anything ever easy?
  13. Does the past always haunt you?
  14. Why is confidence so hard to come by?
  15. When am I going to win the lottery?
  16. Is everything really run by ‘the man’?
  17. What’s it like not to have anxiety?
  18. Is everybody faking it til they make it?
  19. Why can’t happiness be the destination, rather than just the journey?
  20. What is the destination?
  21. What happens after you die?
  22. Why do others get uncomfortable when you tell them how you really feel?
  23. Does anybody really know themselves?
  24. How important is the gut instinct?
  25. Why do the good things in life never come easy?


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