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Reasons Why We Write

If you don’t know why others write, or you’re feeling a little uninspired and unmotivated in your own writing, or you don’t even know where to begin – this article is for you.

These kind internet folk answered my question “Why do you write?” in order to inspire those to either take up the craft or keep on ploughing away at it. Thanks so much to all those that took part – you’re all fabulous.

So without further ado; here are the reasons why we write.

“I work in an 9-5 office job, so there is not a lot of creativity involved in my everyday life. I have passion for make-up and beauty and my blog is like an outlet for me to express my creativity. It’s also a way to connect to like minded people in blogging community. None of my friends are bloggers, so they don’t understand half of the slang I use or when I rave about something going on in the blogging community. I’ve connected with some amazing people and it’s truly supportive and attentive community.
Also, I love fleeky make-up looks and want to practice as much as I can to perfect my skills.”
– Marta from This Is Simply Me

“I blog because I want to reach out to people in similar situations and let them know they’re not alone. I blog because I want to talk about things that need to be talked about, and because it’s a way to get stuff off my chest too. If I can reach one person who’s feeling overwhelmed, down, or like they’re totally alone, and let them know that they’re not, then I’ve done my job. Blogging for me is a way to begin a conversation, and share my thoughts with the world.”
– Jenny Mullinder from yourbookbegins

“I do not exactly recall when exactly and mostly why I started writing as a child, somehow it just happened. It is the best way I found to express myself, my creativity and all of the things that I can’t quite voice. It has therapeutic effects. In fact, some people do not realize how much power writing has. And when shared, this power is heightened.
But if I had to explain why I write without thinking of vague and philosophical questions, I’d say that I write to use my voice at its best. I write to say the things that are too often left unsaid. I write to tell the stories of those who do not have a voice. I write to shed light on causes that matter. I write to connect with people. I write to reach out to people. And above all, I wish to write to inspire.
– Giulia from The High Heeled Papergirl

“Writing is the best way I know to reflect on the world as I see it, to understand the experiences I’ve lived through and to connect with others by sharing stories. Writing has always been my preferred medium of communication because my thoughts are clearest when I take the time to put them down on paper (or the screen). Ever since I was little, I’ve had a passion for chronicling my life through the written word or drafting short stories (which I never finished!). It’s truly what I do best and what makes me happy.
– Jhaneel from Jhaneel Lockhart

I write because it’s the only way for me to communicate my eccentricity and interests to a wide(ish) audience. I also love the process of creation, the process of putting one word after another to construct a sentence, and reading it back and thinking ‘Yes, that sounds good, and yet it didn’t exist a few seconds ago!’ I write because it’s the only thing in the world where I feel I truly excel and can be free.”
– c.l.skellern from A Nervous Girl’s Guide to Life

I started blogging because I wanted to share my experiences with domestic abuse recovery and my road to higher self-esteem. It has been a wonderful outlet for expressing my emotions and people have been very receptive.
– Stephanie Ann from When I Thought I Was Fat

“I don’t blog to go viral. I don’t blog for popularity. I blog to spark inspiration in someone. I write to give people the confidence that they deserve to do something brilliant and fulfilling with their lives. I blog to create that connection and help people – even when they don’t know they need it yet.”
– Holly from A Branch of Holly

“I write because it is just another way of loving! And I did it to write again to share myself to other people and first to create a friendship with a person with autism. Telling stories are gift of love.”
– phlomis68 from ioinviaggio

“I started writing because it was one of the only outlets where I can express my opinion & views without feeling judged. Also I write to spread positivity, inspiration and motivation to the world and to be a positive outlet for people in a world where that is sometimes hard to find.”
– Jay Colby from Jay Colby

“I started writing a blog as a way to highlight my photography, but it’s become more than that. Writing, like photography, is a creative process in itself.
I write to present research on a subject I’m obsessing about. Right now it’s the Rosary, but next week it could be something totally different. Also, as my blog name connotes, I like to bitch, and I have a lot to bitch about!”
– Real Mary Z from The Bitchy Mama

“Why I write has evolved from the first time I wrote a blog post until now. I started writing a blog because all of my friends were writing blogs. It seemed to be the “it” thing to do for people in their late 20’s that were starting a family. It was a method share pictures and stories of what the family was doing. It was the modern-day equivalent of the letter that distant relatives would include with the annual Christmas card.
At that time I wasn’t starting a family so I started my blog just to write about whatever obscure nonsense I felt like sharing. That was in late 2008 and early 2009 and produced a whopping three blog posts. Not really much dedication.
I decided to bring back my blog in mid-2015 as a way of keeping myself on track as I tried to lose weight and get in better shape. It was just another way for me to keep motivated and to be held accountable. It didn’t take long for the writing bug to bite me even further and it soon turned into a place for me to share short stories, poems, or just opinions about the modest, everyday life of a common family.
At the end of the day, and at the end of this overly unnecessary explanation, I write because I enjoy it. It started out as a way to keep up with friends. It evolved into a way to stay accountable for health. Finally, it just became a place to share whatever I wanted to share. I suppose I could try to come up with some deeper meaning behind why I write. I know some people write as a way to get out frustrations with the monotony of everyday life. Others may write because they wish to share their deep passion for fashion, or cooking, or sewing. Yet others may write because they have deep and strong opinions about the course of politics or religion. That just isn’t me. I write because I like to write. I like the clicking sound that the keys make when a sentence is being constructed. I like the pages being filled with text that may lead to everything or may lead to nothing. I like the feeling of accomplishment of completing a sentence, or a paragraph, or a post even if it doesn’t make any sense at all. I write because I like to write. Plain and simple.”
– jdubclark from Green Bean Conspiracy

“I write because I find it a useful way of collating and ordering my thoughts about a particular topic. Often, I write because I have become passionate about a particular subject, and wish to not only tell other people about it, but hope that by reading my blog, they too will become passionate about it. I also love to blog because it gives me an opportunity to write about things that aren’t related to my degree like an academic lab report or essay! It reminds me why I love writing.”
– Eve Alcock from Thoughts Of A Psychology Student

“I started writing my blog to share my experiences with starting a homestead from scratch. To chronicle our steps and hopefully garner advice and support from others who have done the same things. Every step of the way from what we are doing at home and on our property to get ourselves ready along the way. Specially the mistakes. I intersperse this with some personal anecdotes that hopefully give readers a look into who we are and connect on a more personal level.”
– nysiahomestead from Nysia’s Homestead Journey

“I have always expressed myself better in writing than through other means, and writing a blog is a way to express myself and share my passions (and challenges) with others. The blogosphere has been hugely welcoming and encouraging, which makes me want to write even more!”
Fernanda from Mystery Date With A Book

“Writing takes the random thoughts that swirl aimlessly around my head and helps me to make some kind of sense of them. It helps me to gain clarity, objectivity and perspective and I often surprise myself in doing so. I hope that my blogging about the ups and downs in my life helps others that may be in similar situations by allowing them to relate and identify with someone that shares their struggles. More than anything, writing is my purest, most honest form of expression, and I’m so glad that I followed my impulse and started my blog.”
Matthew from Love, Laughter & Truth

“Why do I write? Because I can. And because I’m good at it. And because I like to do it. Through my carefully chosen words, I am able to communicate anything. In terms of blogging, it’s my way of interacting with other people, sharing my thoughts, and making my words my own. It’s rewarding and fun and unique. Writing is an art and I’m proud to be able to share my writing with others. I have the ability, the platforms and the audience, and that’s why I write.”
– I Am Donovan from Coolbeans4

“I just want to document the good and the bad of parenting so I have something to look back on, and to share my experiences with like-minded people!
– Catherine from Pretty in Playdough

“I write because I love writing. I’ve been writing stories for so long, since I was around 8/9 years old and I guess I have a vivid imagination and feel the need to express my imagination sometimes. Also, when going through difficult times, writing has literally been my rock, like I’ll just get a pen and piece of paper and just write out a complete poem – it wouldn’t necessarily tell a story and perhaps wouldn’t even make sense but it’s the easiest way for me to express myself and it works wonders.”
– Mary from 1weekMary

Thanks again to everyone that participated!


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