A Reverse Bucket List

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Just before I ran for a (late) train on Friday afternoon, I popped into Sainsburys for essential snacks. I quickly looked at the magazines propped up near the self-checkout area and found Breathe – a truly beautiful magazine that I have purchased only once before, which is full of gorgeous illustrations and inspiring content, all to make you feel more mindful and to learn about yourself.

One article described the benefits of writing a ‘Reverse Bucket List’, which as you can probably guess, is a list of achievements and milestones that you have already accomplished.

As December and January are a popular time to be reflective (and scared shitless of how fast time is passing), and celebrating small (and large) victories is a part of self-care/healing, I thought I would give it a shot.

My Reverse Bucket List for 2018:

  • raising a child and celebrating her first birthday
  • speaking at a conference on image-based sexual abuse
  • getting two purchases from my Etsy shop
  • attending a feminist festival
  • meeting a mentor at the feminist festival
  • meeting new people and making new friends
  • celebrating my three year anniversary with my SO
  • starting counselling sessions through a local charity
  • visiting new places
  • being part of an art exhibition at Summerhall in Edinburgh
  • hand-embroidering a double duvet cover for 90+ hours for above exhibition
  • being asked to part of another art exhibition next year
  • phoning my mum a lot
  • exercising plenty and reaching my goal weight (and by ‘goal weight’ I mean fitting into clothes I wore before getting pregnant, I don’t actually weigh myself)
  • journalling most days
  • doing lots of art things whenever I can
  • attaining a paid, brief writing job about mental health issues
  • continuing to write to my pen pal Ksenia, as well as begin to write to a new pen pal, Meg
  • managing to get through the toughest days
  • sometimes believing that there is actually a light at the end of the tunnel.

If you feel like making a ‘Reverse Bucket List’ please let me know as I would love to read them! 

3 Replies to “A Reverse Bucket List”

  1. Lauren! Can’t believe I just found this… a) a reverse bucket list is a top idea, maybe it should be a monthly or weekly thing? And b) yay to continuing to be pen pals! X

    1. That’s a good idea! x

  2. YES! I love this! WELL DONE! If I could clap for an extremely long time until my fingers went numb I would!

    Unfortunately my fingers are already numb because it’s fecking FREEZING here today, so instead I am sending a virtual hug!

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