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Small Strengths

I managed to get half an hour to myself, sitting under the shade of a tree in the middle of a park as my daughter slept in her buggy. I wanted to use the half hour wisely. I missed writing. I had a go at poetry. This is what came out:

Small Strengths

Soft and hard 

From luscious green  

to burnt out brown. 

In bloom  

Wilting away  

Hard blades  

Making me itch. 

Ready for anything 


Rooted into the Earth 

Always fighting 

To live  

To flourish. 

Stepped on, crushed 

Used and abused 

Admired and insulted. 


Cut down. 

Overgrown and unwanted. 

Needed and rejected. 


Until one day 

When it’s too late 

Taken for granted – 

Couldn’t be without it.  

Bustling with life 

Sometimes you just can’t see it 

Smell it 

Appreciate it. 

It is strength. 

It is always.  

Change cannot destroy it. 

Will not. 

Cut, cut, cut 

And it still remains. 

Wise and ancient, 

We could learn a lot 

From a single green blade.  


  1. Jenny Mullinder

    This is absolutely beautiful Lauren! The imagery is really stark and gorgeous and evocative.

    I want to get back into poetry properly, I’ve been working on some stuff but it’s hard after I had a big setback at uni with my final year project getting a bad mark… Hopefully I can finish something soon!

  2. Matthew Williams

    Beautiful poem Lauren. I have discovered a real love of poetry in the last couple of years. Writing it is unlike writing anything else, it captures feelings in a way other forms of writing don’t, and there’s something about creating rhythms and rhymes that is very satisfying.

    I look forward to reading more from you!

  3. Victoria de Costa

    This is so beautifully written and so true!!!🙌🏻 I love poetry so much! It just hits your right where it’s supposed to hit you and you feel every single word!

    Keep on writing hun. You write beautifully!💛✨

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