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Oh Look, I Still Have A Blog

I struggle to face this blog because one; who gives a fuck about it, and two; I feel like I can’t write anything anymore.

It’s something that is always on my to-do list for the week, something that lingers in the back of my mind, something I keep planning to really get back into again but it just ain’t happening.

There’s a few bloggers that I would really love to be like; Natalie Leanne, From Roses and The Wonder Forest to name a few; but I’m not them, this blog is not theirs. They produce beautiful content, a mixture of lighthearted, heavy-hitting and informative pieces, all with pretty photos, and that feels very far, far away from this blog.

I can do whatever I want to this site. I can change the look, I can delete anything or everything. I can start from scratch. But I don’t think I can. I have a few blog posts on here that are what I class as the core of this blog. They are the following:

13 things to remember when you’re having a ‘down day’

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13 Things To Remember When You Are Having A ‘Down Day’

My top viewed blog post ever, with thanks to The Mighty for publishing the post and linking to the original way back when. It’s from 2016 and it gets hits pretty much everyday still. I feel like this post is a good ‘un because it’s comforting, it’s nice to know that you’re not alone in how shitty you might be feeling, and it’s also great to realise that being productive is not how you should define your worth. We’re allowed to feel what we feel and to take breaks from life stuff when we need to.

revenge porn and me

revenge porn, image based sexual abuse, this stuff is golden,
Revenge Porn And Me

This was what lead to me doing some of the top tier things that I’m proud of, like being interviewed on camera by BBC, speaking on The Victoria Derbyshire Show and publicly speaking at the Houses of Parliament in 2019 ( sorry not sorry for flexing on you). Again, this is another blog post that gets a lot of attention, mostly from those who have also experience image-based sexual abuse. I have sadly had dozens of messages from others who have been going through a similar thing, asking me what to do or how to get through it. It’s hard to answer sometimes but I’m glad that they can at least talk to someone (me) about it, because I really cannot imagine keeping such a traumatic experience to myself.

women worth knowing (a series)

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Women Worth Knowing: Anita Berber

I really enjoyed writing these pieces, doing the research and putting it altogether. Anita Berber was my first ‘woman worth knowing’ and thanks to Whores Of Yore on Twitter, this particular blog post got me lots of views, which was nice. I have a notebook filled of names and brief backstories of women that I want to research more about, I really should continue this series soon because there are an endless number of inspiring women to celebrate.

so yeah, that’s the kind of stuff I write I guess

So what do I do next? I wanna keep being helpful, I wanna create the things that I would want to read. I don’t know how much energy I really have to give to this, but even sitting here right now typing this out has kinda reminded me that this blog is important to me, and sometimes I’m half-decent at writing it. My creative energy is mostly spent on making art things, but maybe I’ll slide back into This Stuff Is Golden again, from time to time.

come find me on instagram, I’ve been doing a lot of art and I think you might like it

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